Trends to follow for Christmas 2022

After the birthday and the summer holidays, Christmas is a period expected by young and old. Moment of reunion, there floats in the air a unique and warm atmosphere that seems to suspend time. Since the cold is setting in outside, we take refuge at home with the main joy: decorating our house for the occasion. Whether you are taking decorations from previous Christmases out of the boxes or prefer something new, it is better to follow the trends for a successful holiday. And believe us, there is something for everyone!

A traditional decoration for Christmas 2022

Christmas being a traditional holiday celebrated for millennia, a certain style of decoration has gone through the ages by reinventing itself somewhat. The essential red and dark green duo continues to play the stars in this festive period. At IKEA, Maisons du Monde and Søstrene Grene, this combination of colors always has its effect, enveloping us in its reassuring aspect.

The decoration of the traditional Christmas tree

On a natural fir tree with green thorns, round red, white, sometimes golden balls are suspended. For more modernity, let yourself be tempted by transparent glass models with classic patterns. A majestic holly wreath adorns the walls or the front door. Felt socks embellished with snowflakes, Santa Claus or reindeer will decorate the fireplace alongside a garland of artificial or non-artificial mistletoe. The decoration of this emblematic tree ends with fairly thin string light garlands.

The traditional Christmas table decoration

For setting the Christmas table too, the purple and dark green plant prints enhance the white plates and transparent stemmed glasses. The crockery is rather classic. It is the added accessories that will make the difference. Table runner, napkin ring, candle, centerpiece… You will have to choose them red and green with objects highlighting nature in winter. By betting on a traditional Christmas, a wind of nostalgia will blow through your interior.

An original decoration for Christmas 2022

Another trend takes the total opposite of this traditional decoration, a timeless end-of-year celebration. If they have appeared for years in Christmas collections, original or even downright offbeat baubles are asserting themselves more than ever this year. A style of tree decoration that does not go unnoticed. And which also invites itself on the objects to be placed here and there to enchant your home with the magic of Christmas.

The brands to follow to afford an original Christmas decoration

By exploring the Christmas collections to adopt this unique atmosphere, we set our sights on three brands where to unearth superb original Christmas balls. Zebra, monkey, bear, leopard and mouse, Spring is doing its circus this year, animals hanging from the tree are in the spotlight alongside various clowns and acrobats. It is also impossible not to succumb to the “Queen Elizabeth” model! At Habitat, the classic green glass Christmas tree rubs shoulders with the most extravagant astronauts, flowery bicycles, lamas and other forest animals all in glitter. Finally, on the side of Bloomingville, the suspensions are more delicate – since they are made of natural materials – but are perfect for a whimsical Christmas.

A sparkling decoration for Christmas 2022

Beyond the tales and legends, the magic that takes hold of this period of festivities is also found in Christmas decoration ideas. Sequins, party staples, parent hangers, wreaths, artificial garlands, ribbon, and even table art. Added to this are the facets for disco Christmas balls. And whether you prefer a classic Christmas or one that stands out, you will find something to please you among the sparkling materials.

What colors for a sparkling Christmas?

No rules here. Fancy a “chic” polar Christmas? White, gold and/or silver from the alinea collection are the shades to prefer when choosing your sequins. While the frank colors even resolutely pop like green, yellow, dark blue at Gifi and why not sparkling pink unearthed at Lana Déco will bring more originality to your interior. Sparkling, black is welcome in the heart of winter. If the facets are small mirror squares fixed on a sphere, now they are tinged with these tones reflecting the outside light. The magic enters your home.

The tree decoration for a sparkling Christmas

With the wave of pallets and other facets, the decoration of the Christmas tree can quickly be loaded, especially since the colors are easily associated. Playing with the importance of the rhinestones dressing the different suspensions and contrasting with matte models will allow you to have a successful Christmas decoration, in the same way as one arranges a space with strong pieces of other simple ones. Do not accumulate too many sparkling garlands, the tree must shine, not illuminate the living room on its own.

A British Christmas 2022 decoration

At Christmas, it looks like there are two teams: the traditional ones and the original ones. Back then on a rather classic decoration. When winter comes and more particularly this time of year, the British style resurfaces. Its warm effect is unparalleled. If objects may seem kitsch, they are assumed when others are more modern and strongly trendy.

The table decoration for a British Christmas

Accompanying the classic white plates or with edges worked like lace, table runner, napkin, placemat and ribbons with a tartan pattern are king on the Zôdio holiday table. Little crush on dachshund place cards. To amplify the so British atmosphere, you can even add a cushion in the shape of a dog. You can also do the opposite by opting for the ultra-colorful seasonal patterned tableware that we tear off at Anthropologie. In order to refine this decoration, we place crackers next to the glasses.

A white, chic or fleece Christmas 2022 decoration

Who says Christmas, says winter and says snow. This soft, immaculate white is therefore always in the spotlight during the end-of-year celebrations. Especially since it illuminates our interiors when the grayness takes hold of the exterior. Every year, this decorative trend comes back as a comforting friend.

The brands to adopt a polar Christmas decoration

Since it takes its inspiration from Scandinavia, Søstrene Grene is a label where you can find white accessories for a sweet Christmas. A Christmas village-style LED house will decorate your windows or the fireplace, as will the beige paper angels and fir trees. Impossible to ignore the fir tree crest in a delicate star. At alinea, this Christmas 2022 is placed under the softness of white mixed with natural colors and materials. Debongout also puts enchanted parties there. The scintillating trend invites itself on balls which nevertheless turn out to be perfectly polar. The cozy style lands on the table for a complete interior decoration.

An eco-responsible Christmas decoration

If you can turn to responsible brands for ecological and responsible parties, there is nothing better than making decorations to do yourself. Roll of toilet paper, tin can, glass container and bottle, pages from old books, scrap wood… recycled objects are the best allies. Just like the elements found in nature: branches, dead or green leaves, fir fragments, pine cone and many others. We also reuse our old decorations by sprucing them up with paint or twisting them.

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