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Mom, Don’t Do That!: Trailer for the launch of the new Netflix series

Photo from the series Mom, Don’t Do That! (c) Netflix

The official series trailer for the start of the series Mom, Don’t Do That! has now appeared. The Taiwanese series will be broadcast worldwide on streaming market leader Netflix in mid-July. After the death of her husband, a 60-year-old wants to take her second chance at love.

On Friday, July 15, the series Mom, Don’t Do That! its premiere on Netflix. The official trailer has now been released in the original with English subtitles.

Love knows no age

In the Taiwanese series “Mom, Don’t Do That!‘ a 60-year-old woman decides to find love again after her husband passed away. But this decision doesn’t just make her friends. On the one hand, her two daughters are in favor of a happy life, but on the other hand, they criticize their mother for already being of old age. The Netflix series is based on a true story.

Who stars in Mom, Don’t Do That!?

The main roles in the series “Mom, Don’t Do That!‘ are starring Austin Lin, Alyssa Chia, Alice Ke, Billie Piper and Chris Wu.

Mom, Don’t Do That!: Series Trailer

Here is the already mentioned trailer for the soon to start series “Mom, Don’t Do That!“ at the streaming provider Netflix:

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