Trailer for the first Netflix series from Kenya

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Country Queen: Trailer for the first Netflix series from Kenya

Country Queen (c) Netflix

The new series Country Queen starts on Netflix in July. This is the first format from Kenya. After several years, an event planner returns home threatened by a mining operation. Here’s the official trailer for it.

Country Queen premieres worldwide on Netflix on Friday, July 15. It is the first Netflix series from Kenya. The focus is on an event planner from Nairobi who returns to her home village after ten years and is confronted with her past. In addition, a mining company threatens to destroy their homeland.

The cast includes: Melissa Kiplagat as Akisa, Melvin Alusa Kyalo, Nini Wacera al Vivienne, Blessing Lungaho as Maxwel, Raymond Ofula as Mwalimu, Sheila Munyiva as Anna, Mumbi Kaigwa as Esther and Brian Kisau as Josiah.

Here is the English trailer forcountry queen“:

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