Top 30 Best Toilet Tweets Perfect For Passing The Time On The Throne

After this top 30 of the best tweets on primary school and this top 30 of the funniest tweets on bars and alcohol, we find you with this top 30 of tweets that made us laugh on the little corner… Given the time we spend on it every day, it was time for us to devote one of our top tweets on Hitek to it. Enough to pass the time with a laugh the next time you go to the bathroom!


What EXACTLY is going on in these toilets???

November 18, 2022


You are invited to people’s homes, do you go to the bathroom to masturbate? Very well.

August 2, 2020


my sister she comes to see me in my room to ask me if it’s me in the toilet ???????????

March 25, 2020


But wait I just went to the cash register with my groceries and my toilet paper it’s not 2 buddies guys behind me there is one who looked at my PQ and who whispered to the other “not very sexy” BUT SOMETHING TOILET PAPER, BIG YOU WANT ME TO WIPE MYSELF WITH ROSE PETALS???

March 15, 2021


You’re in the toilet, she says “Hurry up” you’re in the shower, she says “Hurry up” let me wsh

February 20, 2021


+ 800 hours of absence, my class probably doesn’t even know who I am anymore, it’s the biggest scam of the century gg to me for this baccalaureate S mention very well that I’m going to hang in my toilet

July 7, 2020


Sleeping with a person who is a light sleeper is a nightmare you want to go to the bathroom she wakes up sleep cousin

March 2, 2021


I’m ashamed, coming out of the disabled WC there were 2 guys in wheelchairs waiting… I pretended to limp…

September 13, 2022


I work in schools and I catch a girl in the guys’ toilets and I say to her, “Tfq la? shouting and she answers me calmly “They wanted to have a threesome”… they are in CM2 hold your children please

June 3, 2019


When I worked at Amazon I started at 5 a.m., for an hour I went to sleep in the toilet, one day my manager picked it up and yelled at me, I lied I said “I just learned that I’m pregnant and I’m not sure who the father is” she gave me my morning

December 17, 2021


The toilets that cost 1e20 in train stations is theft I swear next time I shit on the ground like a fox terrier

March 26, 2021


I just learned that the wall of my bathroom is stuck to my next door neighbor’s bedroom, so I let out a huge fart every morning and there I just heard him burst out laughing and say to his girl “It’s a change of the iPhone soneri as an alarm clock » dsl my reuf here it shits

November 26, 2021


1st day in Tokyo obviously I wanted to test the Japanese toilets so arrived at the hotel it’s the first thing I do, nobody could warn me that I had to press a button to stop the jet mdr? I stayed easy 1min with a waterfall in the ass

February 26, 2020


Me coming back to class after spending 90 minutes in the bathroom watching England-Iran

November 20, 2022


I went to the bathroom when all of a sudden

January 16, 2022


when you’re in the toilet in the evening you realize you’re totally dead

January 19, 2019


The niece heard me take a tampon out of its wrapper through the bathroom door, and started screaming “AUNTY SHE EAT CANDY BEFORE BREAKFAST!!”
I hesitate between laughing and mowing her.

December 3, 2017


I went after my daron to the toilet

November 23, 2021


When you’re sitting on the toilet and you see the handle turn

April 21, 2020


This morning I destroyed the toilet before my daron

April 8, 2021


The guy who guards the toilets of Saint-Joseph’s church is sleeping, you can go piss for free!!!!

August 18, 2022


destroying toilets with work is what fighting against capitalism

October 20, 2022


When I tell you all my life I refrain from going to the bathroom just because my t-shirt is too well put in my pants mdrrr

August 11, 2018


The little ones when they are in the toilet and they shout “I’VE FINISHED” or “I’VE FINISHED MOM” it stumbles on me

July 9, 2019


hey I’m mooorte my father qd you have to buy me a bed there’s no one but to buy toilets that light up in the dark there’s a lot of people

February 2, 2017


Tell yourself that my sister she made a denial of pregnancy until the end
She knew she was pregnant when she gave birth ptdr

Fun fact: she gave birth in the toilet lol
She thought she was just doing her little business in the toilet and all that came out was a baby

July 26, 2018


Who knows that feeling when you want to go to the bathroom, but you’re too comfortable in your bed, but you can’t sleep either because you want to go to the bathroom?

July 17, 2018


When I’m with my husband’s in-laws and he’s going to leave me alone because he goes to the toilet

April 5, 2020


Damso just said that N. J Respect R was written when he was in the bathroom ????? The dude shit classics literally

July 8, 2022

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