Top 20 funniest tweets about fear, it fucks the chips

There are people who assume their fears more easily than others. Some, for their part, pretend not to have fear nothing, but it’s just not possible: a noise that wakes you up in the middle of the night, an exam that you have to pass, a jumpscare in a horror movie, your boyfriend/girlfriend who sends you “we need to talk” by message… There are lots of reasons to be scared. We have therefore selected the 20 tweets most funny on the fear !


But when our parents told us life was hard I thought they were saying that to scare us

September 9, 2020


The profession of witch is recognized in Romania but they pay no taxes because even politicians are afraid of being cursed

April 26, 2020


This animal also scares me too much, it looks like a human in disguise

August 27, 2020


I forgot my cuddly toy at my boyfriend’s and in short I’m afraid for him…

January 3, 2021


I want to make a tiramisu but I’m afraid of losing my virginity

April 30, 2020


you too your darons they are afraid to order stroke the card on the internet ptdrrrr ????

August 16, 2021


do americans scare a credit card?

September 29, 2020


The iPhone alarm clock I’m scared when I hear it

September 1, 2020


Cats are seriously afraid of nothing, it sends me mdrr

February 12, 2022


: I am afraid to receive this heart transplant

: tqt baby, I’ll be there when you wake up

: *wakes up and sees only the nurse*
: Where is my husband? He said he would be there

: Who do you think is the donor? ptdrr jdec i play fortnite stroke the surgeon the

March 10, 2018


by tale dsl but I learned that Merkel had a phobia of dogs and that Putin had purposely brought one back to scare her I am DESTROYED

February 28, 2022


Becoming an adult means being afraid to open all the mail with this logo because it is a “give back the money” atmosphere.

June 22, 2020


But how once exceeded 16 years, you can be so afraid of simple human disguised like that

November 5, 2021


he scares me more than macron ok boss I promise I respect confinement

March 16, 2020


Confinement with my mother and my girlfriend.

It’s really serious complicated to fuck.. I’m too afraid that my girlfriend hears us

March 17, 2020


You fuck bareback and you’re afraid of the vaccine? Oh

July 14, 2021


“Piracy is theft…”
The commercial at the beginning of all the VHS tapes, I remember it scared me #TweetLikeThe2000s

February 4, 2018


If you’re a parent punishing your kids, don’t pick up their phone. Instead, take their charger and admire the fear in their eyes as the battery gradually drains.

August 31, 2021


It’s for accompanied driving when parents are afraid

July 20, 2017


uh mddddrrr his sentence scares me a little much there

July 7, 2020

After our top tweets on fear, don’t hesitate to discover the one on Monday, the day everyone fears!

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