Tom DeLonge names his favorite Blink-182 album

In recent days, the rumor that Tom DeLonge will finally return to the lineup blink182 has regained strength, among a lot of clues and statements in both directions. For now, the return of DeLonge a blink It is not yet 100% official and, to prepare the ground, let’s remember which is the guitarist’s favorite album of the eight he has produced Blink-182.

It was last year, within the framework of the radio program of Mark Hoppus, After School Radio Podcastthat the duo -whose friendship remains intact- talked about a wide range of topics, including their favorite album of blink.

In the case of Tomalso a musician from Angels & Airwaves He opted for works from the nineties in which he had the opportunity to participate, before his departure from the group in 2015.

God, there are so many good things in all of them,” he told Mark. “Obviously [está] the Untitled album, the sense of musical exploration that we did there… But I also have to say that, when we did Enema [Of The State, 1999]It was like, I knew we were doing something at the time that hadn’t been done before.

“But I also feel like, when you wrote Dammit [de Dude Ranch, 1997]I remember feeling like I had taken a college composition course. I had never thought of a song with such a simple structure, and that greatly influenced the decisions I made afterwards.”

After School Radio Podcast via kerrang!

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