Tips to help you stop overthinking all the time

From time to time indecision is not bad, but if you are a woman who tends to overthink everything, believe me it is a sign that you should pay attention and reflect, that is why this time I will tell you some tips that will help you stop giving turns to your thoughts.

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write them down

Writing is one of the best therapies, since you do it for yourself and for yourself, it is a way to heal by putting your thoughts on paper. From now on, make it your goal to write down everything that comes to you. mindthis with the purpose that you can structure them.

Observe what you have around you

Surely more than once you have lost yourself in your thoughts, well, when this happens, an easy way to return to the present is to fix your look in objects that you have around you, which at the same time you are going to describe in your mind or out loud.

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Record voice memos

An easy way to stop about thinking It is listening to your thoughts, since in this way you will realize if what has you so anxious is really worth it, think that everything that does not come out of your mind only stays there to torment you.

Write with your dominant hand

First you are going to write with your dominant hand, and then try to replicate it with the other, this will cause other areas of the brain to activate, this is a exercise that will help you a lot to stop overthinking what is consuming your energy.

take a deep breath

Deep breathing is one of the alternatives most beneficial, and when it comes to calming thoughts, you can apply it. Start by putting one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach, then inhale and exhale, repeat several times.

give yourself time to reflect

Think how you could do things differently, maybe you are looking at only one of the many possibilities what’s up. Many times the night is the right time to do it, obviously without sacrificing your hours of sleep, try to do it before going to bed.

Change the channel

If what you are overthinking is hurting you, then it is not worth wearing yourself out, it is best to change the channel. You can do it by occupying yourself in other activitiesremember that busy mind doesn’t miss anyone, or anything, so focus your thoughts.

Tips that will help you stop overthinking all the time. Photo: pexels

I hope each of these tips They help you to reflect on what you are often overthinking. Be very honest with yourself in this process, it is the only way to make decisions and let go of everything that is hurting you, you must start with yourself.

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