Tim Burton Says ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sequel Is Unlikely

Since 1993, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ has become a classic of the holiday season not only in the USAbut throughout the world because of the nostalgia that it brings us from our childhood, and the wonderful aesthetics that Burton managed to capture in that magnificent work of stop motion directed by Henry Selick.

today through comic book, we learn that the director has been questioned again about whether a second film could be possible. However, almost 10 years after the premiere of the original, Burton doesn’t seem to have much interest in developing a follow-up to the fantastic story of Jack.

The reason? Just like Tim commented in an interview for Collider, both the study and the directors behind the project, would always like to bet on a second film. However, the only condition Burton asked was to follow the stop motion format, something that for the producers was exaggeratedly expensive, and nobody wanted to go ahead with the idea because from the outset, the CGI was beginning to dominate the industry by leaps and bounds.

Yes ok, Henry Selickdirector of the film, would be willing to make even a short film as a celebration of the cultural relevance that the film achieved, he himself confirms that if he did not have the creator of the story, Tim Burtonon your side, there is no way to do anything at all.

In other news, there are sequels that will never happen, and there are sequels that are close to being finished and therefore, even the pirated versions take them out. Check out how this attempt at ‘joker‘ that did not have permissions or authorization from Warner.

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