this subtle detail on the multiverse that you probably missed

You have to trust the fans to find absolutely all the hidden details in a cinematographic work, however important it may be. Some are ready to see 2h30 of film image by image to detect the slightest hidden clue, the slightest easter eggs or the slightest joke, hidden reference. And of course the fans of Marvel can thank them for their hard work.

Doctor Strange 2 : A chilling detail

There is already a lot to say about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The film has been talked about a lot, especially becauseit’s the first MCU film to truly explore the Multiverse who has struggled so much to find a place since the end of phase 3. The film showed us that there was an easy way to move between universes with the existence of America Chavez, capable of creating portals. But the film also took the opportunity to present multiple universes, each stranger than the next. Many are already known to fans of the comics, like this one showing Hydra World, but others are still hiding secrets.

And precisely, we are going to be interested in a little more detail in the universe which is however the most explored in the film, that of Earth-838. A fan noticed something odd in one of the scenes. Throughout the film, Wanda constantly searches for her children in the multiverse. For a time, she gets there by arriving in this universe. Redditor MHullRealtr77 noticed something fishy: Wanda’s children’s room is completely reversed from the one in the series Wanda Vision. After exploring the Reddit r/marvelstudios, it turns out that it is not the plan that was reversed, which could have been the case for reasons of ease on the shooting/editing of the film. The whole room has been rearranged to be the exact reverse of what was seen in Wanda Vision. Some details like the text on the small poster at the top prove it.

Doctor Strange 2 : a mirror dimension?

We all know it, movies Doctor Strange as well as its director Sam Raimi like to show the events which evolve in parallel. The image of the mirror is an allegory that appeals to them very much. Although there is already a spell called the Mirror Dimension in Strange’s universe (and which is visible in the film), it is not impossible to believe that other universes evolve in parallel with that of the films. Thereby, Earth-838 would be a perfect mirror of Earth-616. A theory difficult to believe as societies are so different between the two worlds. Yet a fan has brought another hypothesis which – failing to give more explanations to this artistic choice – allows to explore a new track, since according to him the Earth 838 is not a mirror at 616 but a linear evolution. The explanation would be in the choice of letters, by adding +2 to each digit of 616, we obtain 838. 838 is therefore a vision of the future as it will be later.

According to this fan theory, it is impossible that the two universes 838 and 616 are mirrored because of the factors mentioned above. But in 616, Wanda has no children. She created WestView and “created/stole children” from another universe. Currently, we do not know this universe, but it is likely to be the one mirrored with the one visible in Earth-838. If Wanda finds this universe, she will find the children she raised and who will certainly recognize her. If that leaves you wanting more, know that this other theory implicating Wanda in Spider-Man: No Way Home should interest you. Still linked to America Chavez, the red witch would have had a much more important role in the film than one might think…

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