this new clue could confirm the return of Eddie in season 5

The death of Eddie Munson is one of the most dramatic storylines in the history of Stranger Things. Since then, many theories have emerged to justify the potential return of the rocker with a tender heart in season 5 of the Netflix series. A clue eluded most viewers, however, and could explain how the protagonist would have survived the Demobats attack.

Season 4 of Stranger Things did she break the audience records of Squid Game ?

Released between May 27 and July 1, season 4 of Stranger Things was critically acclaimed. Accounting 1.4 billion hours of viewing in the 28 days following its releasethis new burst of episodes almost dethroned Squid Game instead of the most viewed programs on the streaming platform. We imagine that the Duffer brothers will redouble their efforts for their fifth and final season, not expected before the year 2024 on the catalog. However, some viewers have already threatened to boycott this final chapter if the creators did not return to a dramatic plot that occurred in the fourth season: the death of Eddie Munson.

Featured in Season 4 of Stranger Things, Eddie Munson won the hearts of viewers, even becoming the most popular character in the series. Joseph Quinn lent his features to the leader of the Hellfire Club, a group in which Lucas, Erica, Dustin and the others competed in the Dungeons & Dragons game. From the first episode of this fourth salvo, Eddie’s fate has changed. After selling him some marijuana, he was charged with the murder of Chrissy, the first victim of the terrible Vecna. He spent most of his time hiding from her friends, but also from the authorities. When Dustin, Nancy and Steve explained to him who was behind these tragic disappearances, Eddie Munson did not hesitate for a second before lending a hand to his friends.

These theories that would justify the return of Eddie in season 5 of Stranger Things

Eddie then went to the Upside Down alongside Nancy and Steve. To allow them to escape, the rocker started playing the song Master of Puppets of Metallica in order to attract all the Demobats to him. Devoured by the demons of Vecna, Eddie breathed his last in the darkness of the Upside Down. Since then, the fans have been angry: some have made a petition to ask for the return of the character in the next episodes, under penalty of boycotting season 5 of Stranger Things.

To bring their favorite character back to their screens, fans issued many potential storylines. It was speculated that Vecna ​​would make Eddie “the puppet master” ; a theory initiated by the character’s tattoos and the music he has chosen to perform in the depths of the Upside Down. Another hypothesis suggests that the rocker would return as Kas the vampire, a character from the game Dungeons & Dragons. Initially presented as an ally of the creature, he could return to destroy it. If these speculations are just as relevant as they are plausible, another clue could explain Eddie’s return in season 5 of Stranger Things.

The mask of Michael Myers (Halloween) protect against certain death?

Do you remember the wink at the horror movie franchise Halloween ? The first reference was seen in season 2 of the Netflix series when Max dressed up as Michael Myers during the Day of the Dead. In season 4, the killer mask was worn by Eddie Munson, after the teenager lent it to her. In the end, only these two characters took on the appearance of Michael Myers in Stranger Things, what should we deduce? Fan theory suggests that those who wear the mask of Michael Myers escape certain death.

This idea can be supported by the fact that Max was initially killed by Vecna, but was eventually brought back to life after Eleven took a little mind trick. Regarding Eddie, he supposedly died in the Upside Down, but it is important to note that no one knows what happened to his body. Usually, the Upside Down creature captures its victims and places them in some sort of hive. So could Eddie have somehow survived, based on this clue? For now, it is too early to know. Stranger Things could only want to wink at Halloween without a clue being hidden there.

Season 5 of Stranger Things should set the stage for the continuation of the affront between Vecna ​​and Eleven, now that the creature has allowed the fusion between the Upside Down and the real world. The creature’s past should continue to be explored, especially sinceanother theory suggests a relationship between Henry Creel and Mike’s mother. To find out more about the plot of this final chapter, you will have to arm yourself with a little patience…

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