this mysterious child claims to have lived on Mars and worries scientists

A source of science fiction mysteries and tales, the planet Mars is one of the planets the most coveted by space agencies. So when a child, apparently gifted, claims to have lived on the red planet, with disconcerting accuracy in his remarks, the scientists look seriously at the case of young Boris.

a gifted child?

At first glance, it’s just a bad prank invented by a child. But when he set about describing life on Mars, scientists became curious and looked into this vague story which until now seemed totally invented. Boris Kipriyanovich is a Russian teenager known as Indigo Boy. This term refers to a child with significantly above average mental abilities, having early intelligence and spiritual maturity.

Indeed, the young Boris could already hold his head himself only a few months after his birth. He could read, write and drawat the age of two and could describe extraterrestrial civilizations present on other planets in the galaxy. Among his remarks, he describes with disconcerting precision his “past life” on the Red Planet.

he claims to have lived on mars

Before living in Russia, he claims to have lived on the fourth planet in the solar system. He says the planet was habitable before it loses its atmosphere. However, underground cities would have been established in the depths of the planet, and that there would still be several inhabitants. He also said that the living beings living there are immortal and stop aging from the age of 35. The Martian population is also technologically advanced and mastered space travel.

These words are the Russian researcher Gennady Belimov, also a university professor, who collected them from the young Boris. It is the precision of his words that challenges scientists. Of course, if the words of the child are not confirmed and probably never will be, it is possible that his superior mental capacities and his faculties to know how to read and write perfectly help him to simply invent stories.

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