This is what is known about the eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies”

One of the most popular series in recent years has been “The Lord of the heavens”production belonging to Telemundo from Mexico and starring Raphael Amaya. In mid-February it was announced that the eighth season was underway with the return of Amaya, who plays the role of the drug trafficker Aurelio Casillas.

The end of the last season ends with a crossroads, when the Casillas clan is poisoned and Amado must decide who to save from imminent death. The characters that will appear in the eighth season have not yet been announced, although one name has been confirmed, that of Aurelio Casillas.

Through his social networks, Rafael Amaya himself showed the first previews and images of the production. “Aurelio Casillas returns from the dead because millions of you asked for it,” the actor wrote. Given this news, many of the fans did not hesitate to convey his feelings towards the series and filled Rafael’s publication with enthusiastic comments. They also wondered if any other characters would return and when the release date would be.

The Telemundo network has already given a preview of the plot that will take place in this eighth season and enthusiastically announced the return of Aurelio Casillas. “The epic finale of the seventh season seemed to seal the end of the legendary drug lord Aurelio Casillas, but we will witness the unforgettable ‘resurrection’ of Aurelio in the eighth season of Telemundo’s longest-running super series,” they announced. After his return, Aurelio will try to recover everything he has lost and will face new mysteries in his family, while he also has love affairs.

The addictions of Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya personified Aurelio Casillas in this successful narcos novel, and has been very frank about the rumors that spread about his addictions. After several controversies generated by his drug and alcohol use, in mid-2021 he publicly acknowledged that he had problems with these substances. “There is no manual to be famous, I did not know how to take all that attention”, revealed the actor and was honest, highlighting “the problem was me, it was me who got together with the wrong people at that time so that I fell into the drugs and alcohol”.

Today Rafael Amaya is rehabilitated and busy with new projects, one of them, the glorious return of Aurelio Casillas. On the other hand, a few weeks ago, he was one of the hosts of the Latin American Music Awards 2022, along with Jacky Bracamonte and Cristian de la Fuente.

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