This is the most listened to song by Ángela Aguilar on Spotify

This song is not only about the most listened to Angela Aguilar in Spotifybut it also means a lot to the young daughter of Pepe Aguilarsince it is the theme that the Mexican singer and Christian Nodal they did together.

Probably the most listened to theme Angela Aguilar on spotify either because of its lyrics and, a little bit, because it was composed by the popular singer Christian Nodal.

The most listened to song by Ángela Aguilar on Spotify

There is no doubt that Angela Aguilar is one of the Mexican singers of the moment and, with her 18 years, She is already considered an artist with a promising future. However, despite her young age and her early days as a soloist, in this duet with Nodal, she left everyone speechless.

The Ángela Aguilar’s most listened song on Spotifysince its launch in November 2020, is tell me how you want. It has been listened to more than 110 million times and has also achieved more than 390 million views on Youtube.

Without a doubt, the duet they recorded Christian Nodal Y Angela Aguilar it is the favorite subject of the public of both, in addition to having been the result of a curious negotiation.

Angela’s emotion with this most listened song on Spotify It comes from the hand of the gratitude he had towards Nodal. In 2019, he asked permission from Pepe Aguilar in order to record the song. Yes, Belinda’s now ex-boyfriend had to have the singer-songwriter’s blessing for said duet to materialize.

In that way, it was an honor to invite the talented Angela Aguilar. It is worth remembering that, at her young age, she is already a great reference in the genre.

It is worth noting that tell me how you want is a song that was written by Christian Nodal Y edgar barrera. It was released on November 12, 2020 under the label of Universal Music Mexico and Fonovisa Records within the album “AYAYAY!”.

Although the young woman has been grateful and honored for the invitation to said duet, confirmed that he would never sing with Nodal again. And you, what is the song you listen to the most? Angela Aguilar?

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