This is the degree of studies that Andrea Legarreta achieved

Currently Andrea Legarreta Martinez have 50 years, is married and the mother of 2 beautiful little women. Also, she is already a well-known actress, radio and television host. After 23 years as one of the hosts of the popular show TodayHe decided to resign and be true to his principles.

Even so, knowing his career path, few imagine the degree of studies that Andrea Legarreta achieved throughout his life. Nothing of all that he was achieving arose neither by chance nor by luck of God. On the contrary, everything has a why.

From 2 years She was already seen as a model in television commercials. It was precisely thanks to that commercial that 8 years he entered to study acting classes at the Televisa Artistic Training Center (CEA). From there she began to participate as a child actress in some of the unitary programs.

“SOURCE: Fama Magazine”

During his adolescenceBesides being a person who liked to get together with friends, he was very involved with acting and conducting. From that age – so decisive – is that his life took a decisive course. Even so, it is worth mentioning that its beginnings were with the song in the group “Fresas con Crema”.

Beyond his important participations in successful soap operas, throughout his life he perfected himself by studying singing, dancing and acting. However, she herself acknowledged on several occasions that driving has been an important part of her career and possibly what she enjoys the most.

After getting married and having her 2 daughters, she went ahead with more projects. Always unstoppable, to this day is considered one of the most requested drivers to head large and important events of private companies as well as to be the advertising image on television, radio and magazines of famous product brands.

After recounting her work and personal life, the beautiful actress Andrea Legarreta showed that the degree of her studies helped her to be versatile and enjoy what you always liked. Did you imagine it?


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