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andrea arana joins the team of “Esto es bacán”, the new Willax TV reality show that promises to compete with “Esto es Guerra”. The milestones of this new program are not only its hosts, but also its participants, who are well-known figures in local entertainment.

Valeria Flórez’s partner has earned her place after generating controversy by commenting on different cases, such as that of Melissa Paredes, Tommy Portugal and that of Flor Polo and Néstor Villanueva, in the program “A day at the mall”.

Her popularity increased after criticizing Johanna San Miguel for asking her friend, Valeria Flórez, an uncomfortable question at one of the Miss Peru 2022 galas. The “EEG” host made reference to her work as an entertainment host. In this note we tell you who Andrea Arana is, the young driver who does not mince words and seeks to grow on the small screen.

Andrea Arana supports her driving partner Valeria Flórez after finishing third in Miss Peru 2022. Photo: AndreaArana/Instagram

Beginnings of Andrea Arana on television

Andrea Arana is a young woman from Huacho who chose a career in Social Work at the José Faustino Sánchez Carrión National University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. She also took acting classes at Arte y Escena in 2019.

His first opportunity was presented with Karina Rivera in the program “Karina’s blog”, by Willax’s signal. However, the children’s cheerleader left the space and it was Andrea who was in front of her to get her career off the ground.

Andrea Arana built her television career on Willax TV. Photo: Instagram/ Andrea Arana

The host built her television career on that channel and in 2020 she was given the opportunity to host the block of shows on the Willax newscast “Primer plano” together with Marisel Linares and Gonzalo Iwasaki.

Months later, he migrated to the programs “Al otro lado” and “Al día con Willax”, but it was not until he got to “Un día en el mall”, with Valeria Flórez, that he managed to consolidate himself on the small screen. This magazine starts at 4:10 pm from Monday to Friday, immediately after “Amor y fuego”.

“A day at the mall” is hosted by Andrea Arana and Valeria Flórez. Photo: Facebook.

Andrea Arana and her clothing line

Andrea Arana divides her time between driving and her life as an entrepreneur with her clothing line called Perfect Match, which she launched at the beginning of the pandemic.

The time at home inspired her to undertake. “Today I have many projects in mind, always in front of a camera because this is my life, however, I have diversified and launched a clothing line; but my priority is the small screen, ”she told Andina.

She commented in an Instagram post on the fears that surrounded her before daring to undertake. “One year with Perfect Match and I still can’t believe it. What if you don’t win anything? What if it doesn’t work? There are many doubts that arise, but believe me, if you put effort, effort and discipline into it, you can grow!”

Andrea Arana started with her own clothing line. Photo: Instagram/ Andrea Arana

The new pull of “This is cool”

This Saturday, August 13 at 7:00 pm Willax’s new reality show “Esto es bacán” will premiere, which will be part of the program “Sorpréndete” under the leadership of Gian Piero Díaz and Rossana Fernández.

Andrea Arana and former reality boys, such as Allison Pastor, Zumba, Alejandro Pino, Elías Montalvo, Duilio Vallebuona and Chris Soifer, will be some of the participants.

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the driver wrote on her Instagram account and attached several moments from the recording of the program.

Did Andrea Arana ‘square’ Johanna San Miguel for making fun of “This is cool”?

An error made by the Court of “EEG, 10 years” when calling Renzo Schuller Gian Piero, was the subject of ridicule by Johanna San Miguel. About this, Andrea Arana did not miss the opportunity to send a message to the “mama lioness”.

“So do not come to be the pioneer, that the pioneers with Gian Piero Díaz who are now on Willax Television and Renzo Schuller, there are no suggestions because they have not even seen the program and the program is going to be cool,” he said.

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