this detail can prove that Vecna ​​has been present since the beginning of the series

only a few weeks of the release of the last episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix, fan speculation about the sequel is rife. But if we are to believe this clue that seems to have escaped us all, Vecna could have been present since the beginning of the history of Stranger Things !

Stranger Things S4 Volume 2: the fight between Eleven and Vecna ​​promises to be titanic

On July 1, Netflix will unveil volume 2 of season 4 of Stranger Things. The opportunity for fans to discover the long-awaited reunion between Vecna ​​and Elevenwho only remembers him as One, a medic in Hawkins’ lab responsible for murdering nearly all of Dr. Brenner’s other subjects. The creature from the Upside Down promises defeat to Elfand may well have implemented his plan during all the years spent in the depths of the upside down world. If he will certainly be surrounded by all his demons, and why not the Mind Flayer, the monster could also make Will one of its allies…

Indeed, the youngest of the Byers family is the one who the most meaningful experience with the Upside Down. After spending six days there, he managed to escape. Unfortunately, living in a world of chaos and as a bonus, under the control of a fearsome monsterdoes not allow you to continue your daily life without sequelae. Will is a teenager who suffers from his differencestruggling to find her place in a world that does not look like her. What to think of Henry Creel before he turns into One, then in Vecna. As a reminder, Joyce’s son is also the first victim of the Upside Down and perhaps ultimately, of Vecna!

This clue that proves that Vecna ​​has been going after Hawkins from the start

As explained a fan on the American forum Reddit, Vecna ​​could be present since season 1 of Stranger Things. And for good reason, every time Will was threatened or attacked by the Upside Down and its creatures, he heard the sound of the old clock of the Creel house ringing… As a reminder, in season 4 of the series, as soon as a person sees or hears this artefact, that means Vecna ​​is about to go after her. There are only 24 hours left to live at her next target… Only Max managed to be saved by her friends thanks to the title of Kate Bush. You understood it, the creature or Henry Creel would therefore have could have targeted Will from the start.

In terms of chronology, this theory may stick. And for good reason, when Eleven sent One into the Upside Down, she was just a kid. It was after this act that she escaped from Hawkins’ lab and met Will and his friends.. It wasn’t long after Elf’s escape that Hawkins fell victim to what locals call a curse. But could the clock noises heard by Will in the first season 1 be the first signs of Vecna’s presence among us?

The end of Stranger Things is written since the beginning of the series…

You have to admit that this idea sticks in every way. Nevertheless, as long as we haven’t seen the last episodes of season 4, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt. The Duffer brothers may have simply wanted wink at the old clock discovered in the last burst of episodes. It wouldn’t be the first time a plot detail has escaped us, like that time all of Will’s friends forgot his birthday.

However, it is important to remember that the creators of Stranger Things know the end of the story of the series since its beginning. It is therefore entirely probable that the clock noises heard by Will were the harbingers of Vecna’s presence in the Upside Down. For his part, Noah Schnapp is not very optimistic about the evolution of his character in future episodes. “I just hope Will finds his way to happiness and doesn’t struggle anymore,” he revealed, imagining the final before adding to our colleagues from Purebreak his expectations for the fifth season: “He’s still suffering from something, so I just hope he’ll be happy.” While waiting to find out if this theory is proven, here is why the final episodes of season 4 of Stranger Things will be unlike any other.

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