They asked him for 17 pizzas and it turned out it was a joke, instead of getting angry he went to donate the food to hospitals

They asked him for 17 pizzas and it turned out it was a joke, instead of getting angry he went to donate the food to hospitals | TIKTOK

They asked him for 17 pizzas and it turned out it was a joke, instead of getting angry he went to donate the food to hospitals. There are unscrupulous people who make jokes without thinking about the damage they can cause to others; however, toFortunately, there are those who transform the bad moment into something positive.

This was the case of Tamara Montivero, a gastronomic entrepreneur who he was the victim of a bad prank since a person made a request for 17 pizzas and four dozen empanadas. The request was made by an adult man with an Argentine accent.

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It was on June 18 when the subject spoke on the phone: “I was supposedly at a celebration and a catering service had planted them. It involved us a lot so that we prepare everythingor ”, explained the Argentine. The man promised to make the transfer.

However, that was the first bad sign because he did not make the payment and finally said that all the diners were collecting the cash for what they would pay at the time of receiving the order. So he decided to believe him and they started to prepare it.

The address the subject sent you did existbut it was far away. At that moment a young man from the delivery arrived and they decided to load the 21 boxes in two cars because they could not put one on top of the other. They finally reached their destination, but at that moment they realized that it had been a joke.

Tamara narrates that there was no vehicle, there was little movement and when they knocked on the door, security people came out They told him there was no one. Although they tried to contact the man and he never answered their calls, so he only thought that it was already late and what would he do with such a large order.

Instead of getting angry, he made a gesture of solidarity since went to a hospital to donate food, for nothing. “I sincerely wanted someone to receive the boxes for us and to leave the anger, the impotence, the pain, the loss of merchandise. I didn’t want to know anything else”, he acknowledged.

One of the doctors at the Hospital, Luciana Ortiz Luna was the one who took it upon himself to share the story on Tik Tok to support him to his entrepreneurial work. The publication quickly went viral and the fact was known on social networks. Tamara tells the newspaper La Nación that the doctor “offered me money, and between a back and forth, she left me money in her pocket. I didn’t want to receive it. Unfortunately, what happened was unfortunate, but I didn’t want anything in return.”

The story triggered comments in favor of Tamara and people contacted her to make donations. They have also helped boost the business. It is a family place that emerged in the midst of a health emergency.

This work is undertaken with the help of his mother and his partner, who help him cook pizzas and empanadas. Without a doubt, Tamara’s action is an act of kindness, which in the end was repaid.

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