these amazing new superheroes are joining season 4

After the success of season 3 of The Boys, Premium Video does it again with a fourth series of episodes expected in the course of the year 2023. To help fans wait, the satirical fiction presents his two new recruits, Sister Sage and Firecracker. What should you know about them?

The Boys : a season 4 that promises change

Released in June 2022 on the Prime Video catalog, season 3 of The Boys caused a stir among subscribers to the streaming platform. It must be said that for this sequel, Eric Kripke, the showrunner, has pushed the limits of understanding, notably by revealing the long-awaited Herogasm sequence. comic book fans The Boys were able to find many characters from the comics, like Soldier Boy. The creator of the program has also chosen to introduce superheroes specially designed for the serieslike Ryan, the son of Homelander or the terrible Victoria Neuman.

After the third season of The Boys, Billy Butcher and Homelander had joined forces to put an end to the actions of the Little Soldier. If we don’t know if the Supe embodied on screen by Jensen Ackles will return in the next episodes, we can expect that a new antagonist comes to threaten humanity. At the same time, Starlight has decided to leave the Vought company and the consequences of this daring decision could be disastrous… To add a little spice to the plot of season 4, Eric Kripke announced the arrival of two new recruits, Sister Sage and Firecrackerhere’s what you need to know about them.

Who are the interpreters of Sister Sage and Firecraker?

If the name of these Supes does not mean anything to you, it is normal, since Sister Sage and Firecracker are not part of the comics The Boys. The heroines were invented especially for the series, and Eric Kripke already describes them as “the best and craziest characters ever written for The Boys”. Firecracker will be portrayed on screen by Valorie Curryknown for her roles in The Lost Symbol (adapted from the novel by Dan Brown), Veronica Mars, House of Lies or American Pastoral with Ewan McGregor. As for Sister Sage, it is actress Susan Heyward who was chosen to interpret it. Fans have certainly seen it before in The Light of the Moon by Jessica M. Thompson, Orange is the New Black (Tamika), Following or powers.

For now, very little information about the powers of Firecracker and Sister Sage is known. Since each of the characters in The Boys represents a dark parody of the famous superheroes of the DC and Marvel universes, one can suppose that Firecracker could resemble DC’s Firestorm or the Human Torch of the 4 Fantastic. Given her name, the abilities of this heroine will certainly be related to fire. Concerning Sister Sage, her first name suggests that her abilities could concern telepathy, religion or even magic. Without detailing his point, Eric Kripke promised that the fans would be “horrified by these characters, responsible for nausea”. The showrunner also clarified that Ryan will become one of the main characters in season 4 of The Boyswhat to expect to discover a new facet of Becca’s son…

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