The trendy and fashionable shoes that cannot be missing in your closet

The shoes They are the element of our clothing that gives the final touch to our outfit. They can make us stand out and we are not talking about choosing bright colors or eye-catching designs, but in the sense that footwear is like the cherry on the cake, that is, the detail that completes and style our dress and for that, it raises it.

Fashion, what fits you, says the saying and of course, what it refers to is not taking trends literally, but adapting them to what we like, interests and favors. He applies it to clothes and also to haircuts, accessories and, without fail, shoes.

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With that in mind, here are the footwear trends that are currently in fashion. They will make you shine because they are modern and contemporary shoes with a chic style that cannot be missing from your wardrobe, but remember, look for a design or variant that fits your style and convinces you and voila, you will look spectacular.

chunky tennis

The sports fashion casual is a great success because it allows us a versatile and avant-garde comfort that does not have to lose glamor. The chunky tennisthick aesthetic, traditional sports design and even a nineties halo, they are perfect for any occasion, since we can combine them with a relaxed daily style or use them with more glamour.

round toe flats

The flats or ballerinas They are totally practical and feminine flat shoes. There is comfort and playfulness in its style due to its delicate finish. The round toe designs they are out of the mold but for that they will feel youthful and modern, especially if you lean towards traditional colors like pastels.

kitten heels

Kitten heels are those with a small, thin and flirty heel. There is a feminine and timeless elegance in them that is very popular and is a flattering style for all women. In general, her halo is dreamy so she dresses accordingly, with delicate and simple garments.

mary jane shoes

The Mary Jane design is a shoe of preppy style who knows how to be sophisticated and jovial. The footwear in its traditional form is closed at the front, with a low heel and a strap, like the classic school shoes, but that is where its variants for modern women come from; high heels, platform, with buckle details, without strap and others. Is a modern and youthful trendfor its ‘collegiate’ style.


The platforms They are simply the footwear of the moment and we will find them in everything. The classic design that is in fashion is the shoe with a wide platform, worse still are the boots or ankle boots with platform, tennis, open sandals and others. The perfect element, modern and chic to style your outfit.

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