The Spanish singer Teresa Berganza died: she was 89 years old and was active

The renowned Spanish lyrical singer Theresa Berganza He died in Madrid at the age of 89. The news of her was made known in dialogue with the press of her own son, who also assured that at her request there will be no wake or any kind of public burial so that her faithful followers say goodbye to she.

The artist’s family issued a statement that said: “Addio de Teresa: ‘I want to leave quietly… I don’t want public announcements, or wakes, or anything. I came into the world and no one found out, so I wish the same when I leave’. The whole family respects her will. Our tribute will be to remember her in all her fullness and continue to enjoy her through interpretations of her to always remember her”.

The lost of Theresa Berganza means a very hard blow for the opera. Those who knew her always defined her as serious, rigorous, strict in her art, despite having good inspiration from the past, she always knew how to adapt to the times and modernity.

The mezzo-soprano had retired from the stage some time ago and was dedicating the last time, when her health allowed, to teaching the youngest. She had referred to that herself a while ago and had made it clear how much she was passionate about it.

“I love being with the young guys. When I’m with older or middle-aged people, I always hear the same problems. They tell you problems, sorrows. It’s logical, but I like to talk about other things better. I like to talk about music, I really like that they talk to me about literature when they know more than me. I like to talk about painting… I like to talk about what I have been”, he had said Teresa.

The truth is Berganza She was one of the greatest opera singer-songwriters of recent times. She started her career from a very young age. She studied piano, harmony, composition, organ and cello at the Conservatory of the capital of Spain but her great vocal talent would stand out above the rest of her and she would be her workhorse in a very difficult world.


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