The Son’s Room | Investigators from father to daughter ★★★½

Inspector Wisting and his journalist daughter Line have quickly established themselves, in recent years, among the essential heroes of Scandinavian thrillers. Although they have often found themselves investigating in parallel in the first five novels of the series, this is the first time that they have officially worked together.

When boxes full of currency notes are discovered in the cottage of a former minister who has just died, Wisting is tasked with tracing their provenance in complete confidentiality. He thus enlists his daughter in the small team that he must constitute in the greatest secrecy by entrusting him with the mission of delving into the past of the public figure.

We are embarked without preamble in the heart of this investigation where the technical aspect is as always well detailed, since the author is a former police officer. Tension mounts between father and daughter as they reopen two old unsolved cases, but Line manages to prove once again her formidable investigative skills, going so far as to run risks that put her in danger, despite the fact that she has to deal with her new reality as a single mother.

Although the plot is undeniably gripping, it must be admitted that, for the first time in the series, there is a tendency to sensationalism in the outcome as well as a certain mechanics in the unfolding of the investigation which does not failed to generate the same excitement as previous titles. If Wisting remains for the moment a hero to follow, will the recipe work for a long time?

The son’s room


480 pages


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