the recap to navigate before season 3 on Netflix

A few days before the release of the third season ofUmbrella Academy on Netflix, a short recap of previous episodes is in order.

In the absence of an apocalypse strictly speaking, a certain pandemic that we no longer present will have, among other things, somewhat delayed the return to the screens of the seven brothers and sisters from the eponymous comic strip co-written by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. But there, after two years of waitingthe whimsical Hargreeves siblings and their superpowers finally reinvest the platform at N rouge for a third season.

And if on a cosmic scale, two rotations of the Earth around the sun ultimately represent very little, it is definitely different for our little human brains perpetually consuming media of all kinds. It would not be so fortuitous that a brief summary of past events needed to refresh your memory at the start of this new burst of episodes.

Team Umbrella


While season 2 picked up precisely where its predecessor ended, the Umbrella team, forced to quickly find a way to escape an imminent end of the world, accidentally found scattered at different times in the Dallas of the 60s. As for Five, the engine of the series in spite of himself, this one was propelled only a few seconds from a whole new apocalypse on November 25, 1963.

A stroke of unfortunate fate from which he will have narrowly escaped, saved against all odds by the former member of the Hazel Commission, who teleports him ten days earlier. It was therefore up to the character – always so admirably portrayed by Aidan Gallagher – to gather the five other members of his family, in order to stop, once again, the disaster to come.

Umbrella Academy : Foto Cameron Britton, Aidan GallagherFinal countdown


However, it would seem that the characters have been forced to rebuild themselves according to their new respective temporalities. With his improbable physique, Luther is thus became Jack Ruby’s personal bodyguard (yes, this Jack Ruby), while Diego, obsessed with the idea of ​​preventing the assassination of American President JF Kennedy (the 1960s oblige), was forced into a psychiatric hospital.

Allison, compelled to defy systemic racism and segregation sadly symptomatic of that era, has become an inveterate civil rights activist. Klaus, meanwhile, still in the company of the ghost of Ben, and the first to be thrown into the past, found himself willy-nilly at the head of a large cult whom he despairs of dismissing for good.

Finally Vanya (whom the viewer will know as Viktor in season 3), has been deprived of her memories at the end of her journey through time, and has since been taken in by Sissy and Carl Cooper, a couple of farmers who will entrust her with the care of their child in exchange for housing.

Umbrella Academy: photo, Elliot Page, Marin IrelandYes

family hazards

Because misfortune never comes alone, the coming apocalypse was by no means the only thorn in the side of the Hargreeves. Indeed, The Manager, director of the Commission presumed dead since the first season, finally turned out to be alive and welland more determined than ever to torment her former collaborator Five, and recover her former position within the agency in the process.

In order to carry out this vicious enterprise, the character played by Kate Walsh (born to play her role, we will not budge), did not hesitate to put her own daughter, Lila, to work, who will claim ( for a time) befriend Diego in order to gather valuable information about the Umbrella Academy.

But what information is there to get from a family who categorically refuses to speak calmly to each otheror, more difficult still, to collaborate adequately in order to prevent the end of the world?

Umbrella Academy: photo, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Elliot Page, Aidan Gallagher, Robert Sheehan, David CastañedaSmall family moment all in serenity for the Hargreeves


Despite its redundant apocalyptic backdrop, however, this second season allowed itself some romantic threads strangely welcome. Besides the romance between Lila and Diego -brought to the viewer with the subtlety of an explosion in a Michael Bay film-, a salutary relationship between Vanya and Sissy has also emerged.

Far from being anecdotal, this narrative segment between the two characters has, on the one hand, allowed Vanya to reconcile with her identity, and by extension, her powers, but also toinfuse the series with a new narrative challenge. After bringing Sissy’s son Harlan back to life from an accidental drowning, Vanya also rescued him. transferred a fraction of his powers. Powers that the character of Kate Walsh now covets, which, the viewer knows, will stop at nothing to get their hands on the object of their desires.

Sissy’s farm, where Vanya and the rest of the Umbrella Academy took refuge in the final episode in order to protect Harlan from his own powers, quickly became the scene ofa merciless struggle between the Manager (and incidentally, the entire Commission), Lila and the rest of the Umbrella Academy. If Vanya managed to decimate the Commission fairly quickly, she nevertheless encountered some difficulties in getting rid of Lila, who finally turned out to be one of the 46 children spontaneously born on 1er October 1989.

Umbrella Academy: photo, David Castañeda, Ritu AryaLila, very proud to be part of this season’s plot twist

Capable of replicating any power as soon as she faces her opponent, the character therefore joins, with the Manager and the Swedish Terminator trio, the long list of tough antagonists that the Hargreeves have faced during this season. However, triumphing over all these beautiful people (albeit with difficulty), Harlan finally (half) devoid of his powers, it only remained for the friendly siblings to return to their original timeline. But the euphoria of this accomplished feat was only only of short duration.

Indeed, once back within the walls of the Umbrella Academy, land of many traumas, but also a sacred home, the Hargreeves had the bad surprise to discover their adoptive father, Reginald Hargreeves, far too alive (his suicide opened, remember, the very first season), flanked by five individuals and a mysterious floating cube.

And just to add a layer to this new plot twist, Well, their previously deceased brother, whose spirit reached the afterlife in the second season, stands there, in flesh and blood, decked out in a haircut reminiscent of the 2010s and d an ugly little goat. That promises.

Umbrella Academy: photo, Justin H. Min“Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me”

What to expect from season 3?

Inevitably, the cliffhanger that ended this season 2 raises its share of questions that the one to come will have to address. First of all, who are the members of Sparrow Academy, born from the alternate reality accidentally created by our heroes, and how will their existence impact that of Team Umbrella? And who is really Reginald Hargreevesthe character clearly not being of human origin.

Finally, Harlan, who logically became an adult in 2019, will it have its own story arc ? If so, what will this mean for Vanya (now Viktor)? So many questions that will only be answeredstarting June 22 on Netflix.

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