The reason Billie Eilish hates being compared to Lana Del Rey

As much as you admire a certain figure, in no way do you want your art to be equated with his or hers. Such is the case of billie eilishthe pop superstar who, despite appreciating his colleague King’s wool; she doesn’t want to be compared to her, let alone labeled as “the new Lana Del Rey.

Eilish began to gain recognition back in 2019, after the release of “Bad Guy”, a song that took her to the next level, in terms of mainstream success. Subsequently, she was labeled as the voice of her generation. However, every time an artist rises to fame she will always be compared to someone who came before her, even if they don’t sound anything alike, and to Eilish it was no different.

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Although there is a mutual respect between the two, there are not many common points in their music. Although so much King What Eilish write confessionally, so do most artists. His vocal style couldn’t be more different, and his production is also at two opposite poles.

In this way, fed up with unnecessary comparisons, Eilish, who is 16 years younger than Woolstated:

I don’t want to hear that Billie Eilish is the new Lana Del Rey. Don’t disrespect Wool that way! That woman has made such a perfect mark of her for her entire career, and she shouldn’t have to listen to that.”

Eilish continuous: “Everyone is always trying to get everyone to compete. It’s like, ‘Billie’s album could go on Ariana’s…’ But just stop. I don’t mind. I don’t want to hear that someone is the new Billie Eilish in a couple of years.”

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And, contrary to public expectation, Lana did not feel hurt by the comments of the young pop promise and, she understood, that those statements were not a personal attack. In this regard, she confessed:

“I love Billie Eilish. And I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment in pop music culture. I am personally very picky. I can tell if a pop singer, for example, has a generosity of spirit or a playful fire in her heart.”

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