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Although “This is war” can be considered the youth reality show of the moment, after serving 10 years on the air, this was not the pioneer in its genre. The still remembered competition program, “The Last Passenger”was broadcast in Latina in 2011 but

This production brought together various groups of adolescents, between 15 and 16 years old, from different schools to face each other and test their knowledge and skills, as well as their courage.

Despite the fact that the award generated a lot of emotion, the program was canceled after only two seasons after being the subject of controversy and even complaints. What happened and what caused it to go off the air? In this note we tell.

“The last passenger”: why did he leave TV and what scandals irritated the audience? Photo: Latina/GV Productions


The format and the coveted prize

The dynamic was simple, a confrontation between fifth-year high school students who were measured by groups in challenges of general culture, physical and value. Each team had a captain, who at the end of the program had to find the key that would turn on the bus in which his team would ‘advance’ to the next stage.

The prize was a trip, local or international, with all expenses paid for the 14 members of the winning school, which would be previously agreed by the production team.

The artists who went through “The Last Passenger”

The cast of “The Last Passenger” was extensive. Adolfo Aguilar was the official conductor of the space, later Jesús Alzamora would accompany him. Three ‘hostesses’ also participated, who, in turn, represented each of the teams with the colors red, green and blue. Karen Schwarz, Sandra González and Jimena Espinoza were in charge of animating the respective groups.

A voice-over was also included, which they called ‘Mr. Judge’. This character was played by Ricardo Morán, the person in charge of giving instructions, putting faults and admitting the so-called ‘brakes’.

“The last passenger”: why did he leave TV and what scandals irritated the audience? Photo: Latina/GV Productions


Controversies in “The Last Passenger”

Although it was very popular among the youngest, “The last passenger” was not exempt from criticism due to some of the games in which minors participated.

Since its first season, the Latina contest generated negative comments for including a challenge that consisted of schoolchildren shaving their hair to define a competition. Many of those who participated in this challenge accepted due to the pressure of their peers, but finally burst into tears or broke down at the end.

This happened with Ariana Bolo Arce, currently a famous youtuber, who stated that “at the end of the program she tried to recover from the emotional impact.”

Lazy loaded component

However, the media controversy would come in the second season (2015). At that time, the space was denounced for including a challenge in which minors had to eat insects.

Why was it cancelled?

After a schoolgirl ended up with a stomach problem due to ingesting cockroaches during her participation, for failing to comply with the principles of “promotion of education, culture and morals of the Nation, and protection and comprehensive training of children and adolescents” of the Law of Radio and Television.

A controversy was also generated after one of the contestants broke down in tears during the live broadcast for accepting the “hairdressing challenge”. A journalist filed a formal complaint with the channel and with SNRTV, and won the lawsuit for exposure to minors.

The show subsequently went off the air and never returned to television screens again.

“The last passenger”: why did he leave TV and what scandals irritated the audience? Photo: Latina/GV Productions

The famous driver of “The last passenger”

One of the most beloved characters “The Last Passenger” It was Mr. Ramos, who was in charge of testing the keys of each team until he found one that would turn on one of the buses.

Although his participation was very brief and only appeared at the end of the program, the driver did not hesitate to celebrate the victories of the students.

Mr. Ramos was one of the most beloved characters in “The Last Passenger.” Photo: Latin

Adolfo Aguilar on “The Last Passenger”: “Great seasons of my life”

In March 2020, Adolfo Aguilar He wrote on his Twitter account that he fondly remembered his time at “The Last Passenger”. In addition, the driver stated that he felt grateful for having participated in the project: “Today I woke up nostalgic for a great program: The Last Passenger. Two great seasons of my life. Thanks to all the schools that participated.

Adolfo Aguilar thanked the participants for the show’s affection. Photo: Twitter

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