The guitarist who could take the place of Eddie Van Halen in a possible tour of Van Halen

Joe Satriani says it’s “exciting” to think that he might be tasked with playing the guitar parts of Eddie Van Halenas part of a tribute project to Van Halen with alex vanhalen Y David Lee Roth.

The 65-year-old guitarist addresses the rumor a month after former Metallica bassist, Jason Newsted, reveal to The Palm Beach Post that the drummer of Van Halen contacted him about six months ago to play bass on the project. Newsted told the Florida newspaper that he agreed to go to California to jam with Alex Y joe and see if it felt right, but he finally realized that it would be impossible to do justice to the legacy of Van Halen

“As you might?” said Jason. “There is no one who can top him, so how do you show him honor? He didn’t want it to look like a money grab. And then it all went away.”

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Satrianiwho is promoting his new solo album “The Elephants Of Mars“, was asked about the comments of Newsted in a new interview with Andrew Daly from VW Music. He said about it:

“Yes it’s correct. alex vanhalen Y Dave contacted me and had some conversations a little less than a year ago about the possibility of putting together a full tour to celebrate Eddie and the Van Halen legacy.”

And yes, it is terrifying. I mean, I literally heard myself say, ‘Yes,’ and then the other part of my brain was like, ‘Did you just say yes? You’re crazy?’ I think I remember telling them that any guitarist in his right mind would turn around and start running as fast as possible because you can’t keep up with Eddie”.

“It’s like one of those jobs where you try because you know it’s important to you, and a labor of love, but still, people are always going to say, ‘Doesn’t sound like Eddie’, do what you do. I accepted the challenge like that, and said, ‘Okay, I’m okay with continuing to talk about this to see what happens.’ But I’m not from the family, and I’ve never worked with Dave before. I’m just a guy who got called and got the ball rolling.”

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As to how you might approach the interpretation of the parts of Eddie Van Halen, joe said:

I will say this about Eddie. I think the other most important thing that people sometimes overlook when they mention Eddie Van Halen it’s that his songwriting was really the greatest expression of his talent.”

“When you start learning the songs, you start to see the genius of the compositions and the arrangements. Of course, there’s a solo or intro that blows your mind, but it wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t written the song. Whether it’s ‘Hot For Teacher’, ‘Jump’ or any other, it’s the song itself that forced him to put out a crazy solo”.

“The average audience is going to love those songs, whether they sing them Dave What Sammy. It’s all in the composition, you know? That’s what makes it so fun and engaging. I guess that’s what attracted me to the concert, just the idea that I could go from playing ‘Atomic Punk’ to ‘Unchained’ in one concert. It is fun. The songs are just fun to play.”

Via VW Music.

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