“The great star” 2022 LIVE: how and where to see Gisela Valcárcel’s return to TV

Came the day! After eight months away from TV, Gisela Valcarcel will meet your audience again. This Saturday, August 6, “La gran Estrella” premieres, the new program of the popular ‘Señito’, by the signal of America Television. The renewed musical format will feature the participation of young talents who seek to become artists of international stature.

Next, we tell you all the details so you don’t miss the first gala of the program that will be attended by Sergio George.

Premiere of “The Big Star” 2022 LIVE: minute by minute

Who would be jurors?

So far, few details have been revealed about the cast of “The Great Star.” Gisela Valcárcel has decided to keep it in reserve and only revealed that Serge George he is one of the people who will fulfill functions in his team.

The renowned producer has a lot of experience in the music industry, so many people consider that he could be a judge. However, it has not been revealed if he will also carry out the work of coach.

Meet the participants of “The Great Star”

In a preview of the program “The Big Star”a clip was presented that shows who would be the participants of the long-awaited contest led by Gisela Valcárcel.

In said video, the incursion of talented young people was promoted, who will demonstrate their potential week after week.

“The great star”: this is how the return of Gisela Valcárcel was announced

In mid-July, a mysterious promotion was broadcast that quickly generated great expectations among the viewing public, since the return of Gisela Valcarcel after 8 months away from the screens.

“Very soon, Gisela returns: ‘The great star'”, expressed a speech that was accompanied by images of the famous host.


What is “The Big Star” about?

“The Big Star” is Gisela Valcárcel’s new program that will have 12 talented young people who will compete every Saturday with the aim of becoming the artist of the moment.

“(We) prepare our participants to develop in the music industry, in an industry that contemplates more than talent, that has a series of requirements and too many secrets, which it is vital to know, as well as the day to day of what an artist lives to reach fame and, above all, to sustain it, ”said the host.

“The great star” is the new television proposal that Gisela Valcárcel will lead. Photo: America TV

Who will be the participants of the Gisela Valcárcel program?

On July 29, a promotional preview was released showing who would be the 12 participants of “The Great Star”, the new program that will present Gisela Valcarcel by the signal of America TV.

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“The big star”: schedule

The premiere of the talent show “The Big Star” Gisela Valcárcel will be at 9:00 p.m. America Television (Channel 4).

Where to watch the broadcast of “The Big Star” LIVE ONLINE FOR FREE?

To enjoy the premiere of “The Great Star” you just have to enter the channel’s streaming platform from a device tvgo.americatv.com.pe.

How to watch America TV LIVE?

You can see the program “The great star” by tuning in America Television (Channel 4) East saturday august 6

Who make up the jury of “The great star?

The production of “The Great Star” has been in charge of selecting the best voices in the country so that they can constantly evaluate the young participants. According to the preview, Ruby Palomino and Bryan Arámbulo would be part of the jury, as would Sergio George, who has an alliance with Gisela Valcárcel and will be in charge of directing the training of young people.

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Yahaira Plasencia is one of the ‘jales’ of “The Great Star”

A few hours after the premiere of “The Great Star”, Gisela Valcárcel confirmed that Yahaira Plasencia joined the cast of the program and will appear at the first gala on August 6. However, it has not been specified what function she will fulfill within the space nor the time that she will participate.

Yahaira Plasencia is one of the ‘jales’ of “La gran Estrella”. Photo: LR composition

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