The famous will no longer be able to wear historical clothes, after criticism because Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn’s dress

The famous will no longer be able to wear historical clothes, after criticism because Kim Kardashian wore the dress of Marilyn Monroe. After the American businesswoman and socialite appeared at the MET Gala in the iconic blonde’s dress, indignant comments arose that made the International Council of Museums issue new guidelines on the handling of historic garments.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, textile conservatives proclaimed themselves after 41-year-old Kim Kardashian appeared on the MET Gala red carpet in the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to President John F. Kennedy’s birthday party at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1962.

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This was because they consider that the 60-year-old garment was exposed to damageafter the model had access to the copy of the dress after receiving the support of Heritage Auctions, an American multinational auction house based in Dallas, Texas.

Because of this, Kim Kardashian borrowed from the collection of the novelty museum Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, located in Orlando, Florida. He acquired the dress at an auction held in 2016 for the price of 4.8 million dollars; however, the museum is not accredited.

“When I was the head of the Conservation Laboratory of the Suit InstituteI had to turn down requests from people (including journalist Anna Wintour, organizer of the MET Gala and chief editor of Vogue USA) for models and celebrities to use irreplaceable items from the collection,” said Sarah Scarturro, former head of the Conservation Department of MET Fashion.

Because of this, the International Council of Museums decided to implement new measures regarding the handling of historical garments. Through a statement, he announced that “Historical garments should not be worn by anyone, neither by public nor private figures”since “prevention is better than cure” because “the wrong treatment will destroy an object forever”.

He also shared new measures regarding the light levelswhich includes the flash. And in the case of Marilyn Monroe, she detailed the following:

  • It’s about a custom made dress by French designer Jean Louis, who even opted for a color that matched the skin tone of the actress and singer
  • It was sewn before going to the event to the birthday party of the then president of the United States John F. Kennedy, in 1962
  • The actress did not wear underwear to give a more lively feeling that she was naked
  • Blown silk was used which is no longer available“for what is irreplaceable”

In this way, the International Council of Museums specified its position, after the fact that generated controversy and even criticism of kim kardashianalthough she only wore the dress on the red carpet of the MET Gala, since she later wore a green dress.

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