The cruel truth of being “almost something”

The cruel truth of being “almost something”. | pexels

The cruel truth of being “almost something” it destroys our hearts because we imagine everything and nothing happensbecause we ask ourselves the same thing every day and we know that the answer is not what we would like.

To be almost something is to wait, is to always ask ourselves what we are for the otheris making uncertainty and confusion your daily bread, walking hand in hand but knowing that you are alone and that there really is no such sense of home and protection that true love gives you.

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To be almost something is to guess, is that your days are bittersweet because when you think something is safe they change everythingbecause you need the warmth of arms that never want to let you go.

be almost something is that that person observes you and you feel invisibleis to do everything so that he feels the same as you and that he does not respond, that he considers you ordinary even though you are the greatest wonder of the universe.

I ask you to open your eyesthat you realize that you deserve more and that sometimes whoever is with us offers us something that is not what we want and much less what we need. I ask you to let go of that idea of ​​what you want it to be and accept what it is because only then can you find someone who really deserves a space in your life.

If you have to do circus, maroma and theater to be something else, if you have to wait, if you don’t know when things are going to change, it just isn’t there.

You deserve more, don’t settle.

From “almost something” to being “everything”

As long as you waste time being the “almost something”, it will take longer to become everything.. If you dare to go further you will discover that one day it will be the reason for someone to return home, to get up and give their best effort, to decide to become the best version of themselves, so that without you having to move one finger feel impressed with the person you are.

That day you will not break, it will not hurt, you will take care of yourself and they will take care of you, they will treat you like a treasure, you will be the most beautiful chapter in the other’s life and he in yours, you will be peace in the storm of his life, you will cease to be an option to be their “happily ever after” no matter how hard life gets.

That person will not leave, they will not make you doubt, they will choose you over and over again until they get old, you will be that person with whom the search is over, you will be an answered prayer and the greatest proof that love does exist. Believe in yourself, give yourself the opportunity to give yourself your place and not settle for less.

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