the collector figurine of the God Ares in Myth Cloth EX is sublime

Saint Seiya Where The Knights of the Zodiac is an animated series that has met with real success and has left its mark on several generations. If you are fans or collectors of figurines, that of the God of War, Ares, in Myth Cloth EX is really very beautiful.

The Knights of the Zodiac: a cult cartoon

In Club Dorothée, there have been many animated series that have been a hit, such as Dragon Ball, Ken the Survivor or The Knights of the Zodiac, even if they were heavily criticized because of the violence of the fighting. Note also that in France we had the right to a censored version, but you can order the uncensored collector’s box and otherwise the new comic book in limited edition.

As for the collector figurine, it represents the God of War, Ares, a model from the Myth Cloth EX collection. We find him with his magnificent armor with flamboyant wings. It’s packed with authentic detail that makes it a fan-favourite collector’s item. To order it, just go to the product page of this store.

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