Thank you Disney and Pixar for showing on "Lightyear" what love is love

Thank you Disney and Pixar for showing in “Lightyear” that love is love. | Disney Pixar Special

Thank you Disney and Pixar for showing in Lightyear that love is love. Within hours of the premiere of the tape that will tell us the story behind Buzz LightyearI have seen several messages on social networks complaining that the kiss between two women is shown and many moms and dads who don’t think to show the tape to their children. What I think is just they are afraid of the questions that children might ask Seeing that show of love.

Many complain that the film is one of many that tries to normalize and impose homosexuality or rather, the preferences of the LGBT + community, but the curious thing is that those who have already seen it with children have expressed that the little ones did not even notice the scene So what does the controversy say about humanity itself? Of the adults that we are the ones who decide whether or not to pay the ticket? Plain: what there is still a long way to go.

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Is It is not the first time that we question what material we expose children tobut in a world where we have seen serious violent acts, where we have exposed them to bloody series such as “The Squid Game”, where they are exposed to racy scenes with afternoon soap operas, where they are shown macho acts with The commentators who make the news, do we really care about five seconds of a kiss between two women?

A girl who becomes a panda, a donkey who marries a dragon, an ogre who falls in love with a princess, a fish with memory problems, two lions in love and more, the cinema is a place for imagination let’s learn that everything is possible and Lightyear gets it.

In my short life I have surrounded myself with friends and family of all colors, people who they have shown that their preferences do not detract from their humanity or their personality and that really is something that is none of my business. They are people who have been with me through thick and thin, people who have helped me in my darkest moments and to whom I will be eternally grateful, so I have no problem showing their reality in the environment.

Many complain that this on tapes like the one from Lightyear it is something imposed, something that wants to be normalized, but it has always existed, since ancient times various cultures such as the Greek and several of the Mexican ones normalized relationships between people of the same sex, it is not something new, it is not something that has increased now , it simply has more visibility because Regardless of their preferences, they are human beings with the same rights.They deserve respect and deserve to be a part of this.

I know that many parents will criticize me and say that this is not from God, of course, I understand and it is valid that they think in a different way. But I do want to make something clear, not seeing this movie will not change things because those signs of love can be everywhere and We cannot live in fear of what our children see and that makes them question reality. We cannot live in fear of our children asking us about what is different, and neither is it an excuse to teach them to hate what is different from us.

A child deserves a dignified and happy life, he deserves a family that takes care of him and guides him and beyond that it doesn’t matter if it’s with a mom and a dad, a single dad, a single mom, two moms, two dads, maybe he lives with his grandparents, with tutors, with uncles, but if that child is okay, we don’t have right to attack him or his family.

Many continue to live in fear of what is different, but We must not forget that our job as parents is not to educate our children for the world we want but for the one that will touch them and although they do not share those tastes, we can teach them to respect without hating and without attacking, sometimes it is more the scandal that adults make than what children say.

For many it is easy to criticize films like “Lightyear”to speak up because we don’t have members in our family who are from the LGBT+ community or because we believe that our children have traditional heterosexual preferences, but for a boy, a girl, who has doubts about his identity and who sees that on screen, maybe pretend that there is no problem with what you like, maybe it will help you to accept yourself and live happily without fear of what they will saymaybe it will show you that it is okay to love instead of allowing yourself to be attacked for being different and thinking that the world would be better without your presence.

Thank you Disney and Pixar for showing in Lightyear that love is lovefor showing on the screen that the reality that we live today is of all colorsfor showing that everyone is worthy of respect for the simple fact of being human, thank you for celebrating the authenticity of each being and for taking us to infinity and beyond.

“Lightyear” It premieres this June 17 and is recommended for audiences over 7 years old, because beyond the kiss scene that only lasts five seconds, the film is somewhat violent for young audiences, so parents are asked for discretion.

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