Tankard adds Lethal Steel as a band invited to a show in Chile

news with the concert from Tankard in Chile: the German beer thrash emblem group added a guest band for their presentation on September 25 at the Blondie club. This is Lethal Steel, one of the most prominent groups on the current scene of Chilean heavy metal.

This is going to be the only one concert in South America given this time by Tankard, celebrating 40 years and about to release his new album “Pavlov’s Dawgs”, just a few days after the show in Santiago.

Lethal Steel

Since the end of the ’80s, Latin American-style Heavy Metal had not been much explored in Chile until the arrival of Acero Letal in 2007. With some demos and an EP, the band has managed to connect with listeners from all over the world. In recent months, they have toured all over America, obtaining a very positive reception. At the moment they are about to release a live album entitled “Ritos de Fuego” and the LP “Legiones”.

For his part, Tankard celebrates four decades since they formed in the incipient German thrash scene of the early ’80s. A movement that, as everyone knows, would become the main European enclave of the style, and the second on a planetary level after the predominance of the United States.

The good news doesn’t stop there, since in the same month of September the band will release their long-awaited new studio album “Pavlov’s Dawgs”. It is his first production in five years, since the acclaimed “One foot in the grave” of 2017, and it is expected to be a delivery in the purest Tankard style, full of odes to beer and with songs to make even the most timid nod off. . It already has two previews: “Beerbarians” and “Ex-Fluencer” (see below).

Tickets by Passline system: https://www.passline.com/eventos/tankard

– Presale 1: $25,000. SOLD OUT

– Presale 2: $30,000.

– General: $35,000.

*Prices do not include service charge.

*Event only for people with mobility pass enabled.

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