Taika Waititi teases the importance of this new character in the MCU sequel

The fourth part of the franchise Thor No sooner has it hit theaters than fans are already wondering what awaits the God of Thunder in the MCU’s future. What place will the new characters introduced in Love and Thunder within Phases 5 and 6? According to Taika Waititi, the director of the film, at least one of them will be very present on the front of the stage… A decision that comes from the leaders of Marvel Studios, and not from the filmmaker!

THIS character will be influential in the MCU sequel

In the first post-credits scene of Love and Thunder, we discover that Zeus, King of Olympus, mortally wounded by the God of Thunder, is in fact quite alive. We hear him complaining that humans no longer have any respect for the Greek deities and that they prefer to worship the vigilantes from now on. And the one who listens to him is none other than his son Hercules, whose introduction this theory provided for in Thor 4, and to whom he entrusts the mission of restoring their honor. A character who will be part of the future of the MCU, according to what Taika Waititi revealed during a Questions / Answers shared by a Reddit user.

“And then [un des dirigeants de Marvel Studios] was like, “We are going to present Hercules”and um, that didn’t make any sense to me, I didn’t even know it was a Marvel character, but um, apparently it is, and um…. That’s fine, I feel that it opens up a whole new thing in which I will not be invited to come and participate, but I am happy for all those who love the Greek Gods.

This interview with Taika Waititi should delight fans of Herculesbut implicitly, the words of the filmmaker express above all a lack of creative control over Love and Thunder… As always when the interference of the producers is too much, it gives incoherent and sloppy films, far from the vision that their directors had of them. Exactly what was charged Thor 4, disjointed and cluttered. Whatever happens, if Taika Waititi will not be part of projects involving Herculesas he says himself, since he was not invited by Marvel Studios, the last sentence seems to leave the door open for important things concerning the character, since the amateurs of the “Greek gods” are likely to enjoy.

Does this mean Hercules will appear in the next movie Thornot yet announced, or that he will join the Avengers? Can we also hope for a film or a series centered on Hercules, since it is recalled that several dates were announced by Marvel at the last Comic Con in San Diegowithout these dates being attached to a project known to the public.

What do you think of the filmmaker’s words and the arrival of Hercules in the MCU?

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