Survival miniseries coming to Netflix at the end of July

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Keep Breathing: Survival miniseries coming to Netflix in late July

Keep Breathing (c) Netflix

Scream star Melissa Barrera will appear in Netflix survival thriller Keep Breathing next month. Here are the first images from the miniseries.

Netflix has announced the six-part mini-series Keep Breathing for Thursday, July 28th and at the same time released the first pictures of the survival thriller.

In “keep breathingNew York attorney Liv (Melissa Barrera) crashes her private plane over the Canadian nowhere. In the brutal wilderness of the American North, she must then transcend personal trauma and herself in order to survive.

Jeff Wilbusch, Austin Stowell, Juan Pablo Espinosa and Florencia Lozano will also be seen in other roles. Leading actress Barrera is known from the series Vida and the most recent “scream“-Movie.

Maggie Kiley (Dirty John) will direct the first three episodes and Rebecca Rodriguez (Doom Patrol) the last three. Martin Gero, Brendan Gall and Kiley are executive producers.

Pictures from “keep breathing“:

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