Super Pumped, the series about the founder and former CEO of Uber has arrived

Saturday is here, you have more free time and you were wondering what you could see this weekend. The answer is direct and simple, superpumped, a series of seven episodes explosively spiced from those who interpret it to those who direct it. Based on the homonymous bestseller written by mike isaac, the production is narrated by renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and follow to Kalanick, one of the greatest references in the world of Silicon Valley thanks to the creation of the application that transformed transport services after his landing in 2009.

super-pumped portrays the ways in which he sought at all costs to transform his company into a multi-billion dollar technology giant, although at every step he will encounter new obstacles that could lead him to destroy everything he ever imagined. It is that already for the 2014, Kalanick He was beginning to have some problems as the leader of Uber, due to his relentless attitudes towards competitors, regulators, customers and even the company’s own drivers and employees, of whom he demanded exhausting and almost exploitative performance.

In addition, he was seen as one of those most responsible for excess business spending and the mentor of a toxic work culture, in which bullying and misogyny were part of everyday life, something that led to his being practically expelled in 2017 by its own table of investors and executives.

Who will we see in this great production?

A great feature that highlights the series are the actors that are part of it. Here we will see the popular Kyle Chandler Y umma thurman accompanying Gordon-Levitt as protagonists, while another figure such as Elisabeth Shue, Jon Bass, Kerry Bishé and Babak Tafti, among many others, also participates in the cast.

Finally, another thing to keep in mind is that this installment will be the first of the anthology series created by Brian Koppelman Y David Levienthe duo that created the strip billions and what scripted now they are 13, that in its already confirmed and future second season will follow the story of mark zuckerbergthe famous creator of the social network Facebook.


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