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Poster for the series Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water (c) Gainax/NHK

Neon Genesis Evangelion fans curious about what director Hideaki Anno was up to right before his groundbreaking giant robot saga, as well as animation buffs wanting to know why Disney almost got sued by an anime studio, have come to the right place.

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The power of the magic stone

An anime gem from the early 90s has recently also been available in Germany with an Amazon Prime Video subscription. It refers to “Nadia – Secret of Blue Water‘, formerly titled ‘The power of the magic stone‘ ran on German television. Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion should be particularly interested in this, as it’s the last completed project director Hideaki Anno directed ahead of his psychological mecha series, which he used to animate through his depression. Whether the limited creative control at “Nadia“ had already contributed to the darkening of his state of mind or only the unsuccessful sequel to the anime film “The Wings of Honneamise“, let it be said…

evangelion” fans shouldn’t buy a second “NGE” expect, even if there are some overlaps thematically, aesthetically (by character designer Sadamoto) and tonally (by composer Shiro Sagisu). Aside from the obvious Jules Verne influence, the series is based on an old concept by animation master Hayao Miyazaki (“Princess Mononoke“, “Spirited Away“), so that “Nadia” Much more after his similarly knitted adventure film “The castle in the sky‘ feels like anything else.

However, the 1990 anime still feels like another later-produced animation project – namely Disney’s Movie “Atlantis: The Lost Empire“ from 2001. Not only fans noticed that, but also the Japanese producers from the studio Gainax, who would have liked to take on the mouse empire in court. Unfortunately, however, the broadcaster NHK and the group had Toho the last word and were less combative in the face of the armada of American lawyers…

Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water

In “Nadia – The Secret of Blue WaterThe mysterious title heroine meets the French inventor Jean, who saves the acrobat from the crook Grandis Granva and her henchmen, who are after her blue gemstone Blue Water. After an encounter with a sea monster on the Atlantic, they save themselves in the Nautilus – Captain Nemo’s submarine and plunge into an adventure on which the fate of the whole world could depend. You’ll have to find out for yourself what the secret organization of Neo-Atlantis, the lost city of Tartessos, the Tower of Babel and Ancient Aliens have to do with it…

The series takes a bit of time for the adventure to really get going, but it’s an exciting, nostalgic ride with lots of fantastic ideas, an interesting mythology, lots of dramatic twists and, above all, a lovable main character who you can immediately fall in love with. All 39 episodes are available with the original Japanese soundtrack with subtitles or in a German dubbed version.

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Nadja – The Secret of Blue Water” – the original opening of the anime series:

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