Stranger Things: Joe Keery releases single

Joe Keery in Stranger Things (c) Netflix

Joe Keery, who plays heartthrob Steve Harrington in the Netflix drama Stranger Things, is currently also enjoying his music. Under his stage name Djo he has now dropped the single Change from the album Decide.

Stranger Things fans may not have noticed what some of the stars of the Netflix series do on the side. For example, Joe Keery, who we know as Steve Harrington, is a musician and has just released a new single. The title “Change” advertises the release of the associated album “decideon September 16th. Keery works musically under the stage name Djo.

He became active as a DJ in 2019, back then with the very positively received album “Twenty twenty“. Before that he was part of the rock band “Post Animal“, with which he also released two records. Keery played guitar there and also sang. In the early days he also traveled solo under the pseudonym “cool cool cool“.

His new song “Change“ has traces of funk, but mainly relies on synthetic sounds and computer-processed voices. Some also see something psychedelic in his direction, especially as he sees himself as inspired by the 70s. in one absurd promotional video Keery himself promises: “(The Album) serves as a kind of audio history of Keery’s late twenties. It contains reflections on growing up, relationships and navigating a world full of technology.

The two-hour season four finale of “StrangerThings‘ which began in May. Many fans worry about Steve’s fate…

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