Stranger Things: an actor makes a huge revelation about the end of season 4

On May 27, the Netflix platform unveiled the first part of the fourth season of its cult series “Stranger Things”. A season 4 which was particularly awaited since three years passed between season 3 and season 4. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait until next July 1 in order to discover the end of this new season. A very eventful ending.


Invited on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s show, actor Noah Schnapp couldn’t help but make a big revelation about the second part of season 4 of “Stranger Things”. And for good reason, since the young actor indicated that fans should expect deaths and a lot of gory scenes. Surprised, Jimmy Fallon then explained that normally this kind of information must remain secret.

A little troubled, the one who embodies the character of Will in the series simply explained that he had not given any name. He also added that most fans of the series suspect that certain characters will not survive this season 4.

Also remember that this season 4 will not be the last of the series since a fifth and final season is currently in preparation.

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