Start date and first pictures of the Peacock series

Photo for the series The Resort (c) Peacock

William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti join Peacock’s The Resort in late July. The new format now has a day-specific start date. There are also first pictures from the new series to see.

On Thursday, July 28, The Resort premieres on the Peacock streaming service in the United States. At the start, the first three of eight episodes are running. The rest of the chapters will then be available weekly.

William Jackson Harper (The Good Place, Love Life) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother, Made for Love) star in new series The Resort. The comedy thriller takes place on the Caribbean coast of Riviera Maya. Harper and Milioti play married teachers Noah and Emma as they embark on a journey to celebrate their tenth anniversary and find themselves caught up in a mystery that happened 15 years ago.

Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and Nina Bloomgarden (“hot pink‘) play a father-daughter duo named Murray and Violet, who are among the travelers.

Palm Springs on stream

Skyler Gisondo (The Righteous Gemstones) plays Sam, who is visiting the same resort with his parents and girlfriend Hannah (Debby Ryan, Insatiable). Ben Sinclair (High Maintenance) and Parvesh Cheena (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) star in recurring guest roles.

Milioti is once again collaborating on the production with Andy Siara, who previously directed the time warp film “PalmSprings‘ had written. He is in this case the creator and co-showrunner of the series. Allison Miller (Angelyne) joins him as co-showrunner and executive producer. Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot, Homecoming) is also an executive producer.

Harper took on the lead role in the second season of the series Love Life. He is also known as philosophy nerd and decision-maker Chidi from The Good Place, in which he had a leading role in all four seasons. Milioti stars on HBO Max in the sci-fi comedy Made for Love, which was recently canceled after its second season. She previously played the mother on How I Met Your Mother, but has also taken on roles in Black Mirror, Fargo and the short-lived network comedy A to Z.

Most Peacock series direct from Universal TV are produced come in Germany sky. When the resort can be expected in this country, however, remains open.

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