Star Trek – Strange New Worlds: Children of the Comet

Anson Mount in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, (c) Paramount+

In the episode Children of the Comet of the US series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the Enterprise actually only wants to observe a comet. But when the calculations show that the comet will destroy a class M planet, the course is to be changed. Can that be done before breakfast?

Children of the Comet

New week, new adventure. Children of the Comet gives us and the crew of the Enterprise a comet that is apparently on a collision course with an inhabited world. To prevent the end of this civilization and the planet, the comet’s course is to be adjusted. Easy task, right? But no, there’s more to it than that, of course, when the comet fends off the course correction with shields and eventually an unknown, fairly evolved species emerges who warns Pike (Anson Mount) and his crew against “M’Hanit(the comet has a name) to intervene.

In terms of character, meanwhile, Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) is the focus, who at the initial “party‘ reveals that Starfleet wasn’t really her goal, though she outstripped numerous other candidates to eventually end up aboard the Enterprise. Her stress factor is increased enormously when she embarks on the first away mission together with Spock (Ethan Peck), La’an (Christina Chong) and Samuel Kirk (Dan Jeannotte), which is also supposed to benefit from her knowledge. Whereby “benefit‘ is the wrong word. Because it’s about bare survival when the four are suddenly cut off from the Enterprise and everything depends on Uhura finding a way out.

The progress of the other figures is much smaller, but again hardly anyone falls by the wayside. Pike’s future is discussed with Una (Rebecca Romijn), Spock seems to be involved on all fronts and even gets an action-packed sequence, while Aenar Hemmer (Bruce Horak) is briefly introduced to us at the beginning and Samuel Kirk also gives most of his impressions at the beginning person can deliver. Ortega’s (Melissa Navia) always stands out, as does La’an. In short, we’re learning more about the crew again as the adventure progresses.

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adventure of the week

It actually seems very classic when a simple observation mission suddenly becomes a rescue mission and the planet of Deleb is to be saved from a collision course with a comet. That premise alone would be enough to fill an episode. At least, unless it would be easy to effect a change of course, or if the issue of the Federation’s non-interference policy was discussed. But that’s not what this episode aims to do when Pike urges his crew to save the planet before breakfast. Rather, two major twists await us. Because once the comet has protective shields and internal structures, which then have to be explored as part of an external mission, and secondly, the so-called suddenly appear Shepherd’s whose captain (Thom Marriott) insists, “M’Hanit“ to leave alone and on his course.

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