Son models swimsuit made by his mother to promote his work

The love of a son towards his mother it can be a bond full of love, dedication and solidarity that inspires, as is the case with Brazilian singer Thiago Pantaleão, who decided to put on a knitted swimsuit made by her mother, in order to promote your talent.

Thiago Pantaleão wanted to support his mother as much as possible and he did so by performing this act of support that he shared on social mediawhere the young man appears modeling the swimsuit design made by Bianca Caitano, her mother, a woman not only a lover of sewing, but also worked as a cleaner to be able to support her family, since as a designer her work was not profitable.

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In support of this sacrifice and to make his work and talent known to all, Thiago Pantaleão decided to wear one of these designs and show it off on social networks, him modeling the pink two-piece swimsuit with a very feminine style, for the details of colored flowers that can be seen in the shared images.

The boy not only took several photographs and videos and published them, but also shows off his mother in another image, whom he takes advantage of to thank you for your supportcongratulating her in passing for last May 10, the Mother’s day.

“I saw her kill herself with the cleaning and that was giving me anguish. Then I saw her knitting a Felino model and I thought she was great. A bikini from the brand costs 400.00 reais (1,580 Mexican pesos) but here nobody wanted to give 40.00 (157 Mexican pesos). So I said, you know what? I will promote your work, I will show it off, I will publish it and it has gone viral”, says Thiago Pantaleão proudly.

The publication as mentioned became a success on the Internet and Internet users began to order Bianca Caitano, not only from Brazil, but from other parts of the world. This story also reached the ears of Voguewhich invited the singer to a fashion event.

The mother then dedicated herself to putting her skills to the test to make her son the perfect outfit to wear during the gala. “She gave everything to deliver. I already wanted to go to this event, people stopped to ask and praise and I said, I liked it / it was my mother who did it”, said the young man.

“The theme was fantastic Brazilianness and nothing more Brazilian than the strength of a mother who faces EVERYTHING to give the best to her son. Today I am the proudest and happiest son in the world, he also added on his social networks.

Likewise, Bianca Caitano told herself proud that her son wears her designs, regardless of the subsequent success, since it is an invaluable affectionate gesture that is an example of a tender and supportive relationship between mother and son. “It is an honor because my son used and represented this piece, so I am very satisfied. I am very happy,” she said.

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