Skyrim grandma pressures Bethesda to play before she dies

We no longer present to you Shirley Curry, 86, also known as “Skyrim Grandma” internationally. She is, as her nickname suggests, a very big fan. from Bethesda’s famous RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. While games aren’t just for kids or young adults, many found it refreshing that someone as old as Shirley could continue to fully enjoy video games, and share her experiences on her huge YouTube channel. And justly, Shirley does not intend to stop there.

Shirley will be in The Elder Scrolls VI

We learned in 2019 that the octogenarian YouTuber fan of Skyrim (which has 1 million subscribers) would be part of the slew of NPCs of The Elder Scrolls VI. To succeed in integrating Shirley Curry into the world of TES VIBethesda will use a technology called photogrammetry. This technology involves scanning real-life objects to 3D model them in-game. Bethesda plans to use photogrammetry for in-game environments, as well as Shirley Curry.

If this promise to integrate skyrim granny in the game has aroused the enthusiasm of fans around the world, everyone knows for a fact that The Elder Scrolls VI is still a long way off. And as such, Shirley has a lot to say.

Shirley curry dots the i’s

At PAX East which was held in May, Shirley Curry was interviewed, and the journalists in charge of this interview asked her what she would like to say to the director Todd Howard if he stood in front of her. The latter states:

How about ‘Hi’? No, I would ask him to give me a cool game, and I would ask him to hurry up and finish The Elder Scrolls 6. I want to play it before I die.

Shirley Curry does not have its tongue in its pocket and this statement has generated a lot of reactions internationally, since many other people are in the same case. granny skyrim also clarified that she was not expecting Starfield impatiently and that she would only decide to play it after its release. At the time of writing this article, The Elder Scrolls 6 doesn’t have a release date, but it’s currently in pre-production and will be Bethesda’s next game after Starfield. Bethesda also recently confirmed that Fallout 5 will be the next game The Elder Scrolls 6.

And you, on your side, when do you think that The Elder Scrolls 6 will come out ? Let us know in our comments area!

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