Single tourists and athletes are banned from having sex during the World Cup in Qatar

Country has absurd laws for those who live in the West

Fans who travel to Qatar to watch World Cup, which takes place this year from November 21st to December 18th, they will be warned that they can face up to seven years in prison for a possible sexual encounter outside of marriage, in the Middle East country sex outside marriage is illegal and carries a penalty of seven years in prison.

UK officials, for example, are uncomfortable with the prospect of Britons being severely punished for the practice. THE fifa, however, has preached respect for Qatari customs. The English newspaper ‘Daily Star’ published a text about the situation, illustrated with a photo of an Englishman in bed with a woman wearing the shirt of the Brazilian team. To the newspaper, a police source said.

“The after-game drinking and partying culture, which is the norm in most places, is strictly prohibited. With very harsh and frightening consequences if you get caught. There is a feeling that this could be a very bad tournament for the fans.”

The chief executive of world Cup, Nasser al-Khater has the same reasoning and says: “The safety of every fan is of the utmost importance to us. But public displays of affection are frowned upon, it’s not part of our culture and that goes for everyone,” he concluded.

“O Qatar and its neighboring countries are much more conservative and we ask fans to respect it. We are sure they will, just as we respect different cultures, we hope ours will too,” he concluded.

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