Singer Yahaira Plasencia thanks her critics because they favor her career: “Let them speak well or badly, but let them speak, that’s marketing” | entertainment

yahaira plasencia he is aware that an artist is always exposed to criticism. After recently premiering the song “The singer”, the interpreter received several comments from her detractors who questioned her for reversing the classic “The singer”, a song by the musician Héctor Lavoe.

Faced with this situation, the sauce boat assures that the criticism does not concern her and that they do not care about her. She even stated that, contrary to what many think, her questions benefit her and strengthen her musical career.


Criticism doesn’t affect you.

In a recent interview, Yahaira Plasencia admitted that at first she was afraid to record the song performed by the deceased salsero precisely because she knew she was exposed to criticism.

However, this situation changed thanks to its producer Serge George, who gave him the confidence to do it. Likewise, she assured him that they would give a more urban and current vision to the subject.

. I learned that from Sergio and my family. Before it was more complicated, it shocked us, but now it’s like: ‘Hey, they’re talking about you.’ she expressed.

Yahaira Plasencia at the Heat Awards. Photo: Instagram


Yahaira says that “The singer” seemed “boring”

Yahaira Plasencia also surprised several by saying that her theme of “The singer” is better, since it is updated.

Likewise, he mentioned that the classic “The singer”, by Hector Lavoe, released in 1978, it never caught his attention because it was “old” and “boring”.

“Sergio tells me ‘we have song options, I want this one, I think (that) it will go well for you’. When I hear, My family loves Héctor Lavoe, I like him, but what I present is totally different”, she explained and accepted that George modified the single to his liking.

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