Signs of emotional abuse in your relationship

Abuse in the couple relationship is not only lived with hitsin the emotional aspect it occurs more and more, that is why today I will tell you about some signs that indicate that you live it with your partner, very attentive to each of these points.

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Are you afraid of your partner’s reactions?

Being afraid of how you will react partner It is a clear sign that things are not going well and that there is emotional abuse, because in a healthy relationship you can take that person’s opinion into account, but without feeling attacked or conditioned.

You have no contact with your support network

Little by little and without realizing it, you stopped having contact with your loved ones or support network, and this was caused by your partner, since that relationship has ended up isolating you, this with the sole purpose of being able to manipulate you and manage to submit you away. of people who would make you question their attitude.

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you feel guilty

You constantly feel guilty for what you do, since in your mind there is always the affirmation that you do things wrong, and that is what emotional abuse achieves, making you doubt your potential and stop believing in yourself for fear of harming your partner.

You are controlling and possessive

From time to time you are one possessive woman and controlling in his life, since it is the only thing that you feel that brings control in your relationship, losing your peace of mind in this way is the other side of emotional abuse, so take it into account.

You are the one who works hard to make the relationship work

Yes, you are the one who puts everything into making the relationship continue to function, when it is the commitment of both of you to do so. Dedicating your whole life to a bond that doesn’t work can paralyze it and start harming your mental health in a way that is difficult to repair.

Are you afraid of abandonment?

You constantly think about what would happen if your partner left you, since he has taken care of making you feel that way. unsafetywhich is not about a healthy relationship, just about emotional abuse, and please don’t try to justify these horrible actions.

Signs of emotional abuse in your relationship. Photo: pexels

These are some clear signs that you suffer emotional abuse in your relationship, which is very serious and you should seek professional help to get out of this toxic bond before it’s too late and hard-to-count situations occur.

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