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The problems of Shakira continue. After the Colombian artist’s father was released from a Spanish hospital about two weeks ago, William Mebarack had to be hospitalized again for a thorough medical check-up.

What happened to Shakira’s father?

The Semana portal revealed that on the morning of this Thursday, November 24, William Mebarack, father of Shakira, spent the night in a medical center for various tests to be performed. For her part, the interpreter of “MonotonĂ­a” went to pick him up in a vehicle driven by her brother Tonino de ella.

“He stayed there for several hours, in which his son took the opportunity to pick up Shakira at her house so that she could accompany his father in one of his tests,” they reported when sharing images of the vehicle that took the singer and her father to the hospital.

According to the media, William Mebarack will have to rest at home with his family, who is very aware of him in these delicate moments.

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Shakira continues to delay her trip to Miami

Some media have speculated that William Mebarack’s state of health would be the cause of Shakira’s decision to delay her trip to Miami, since she does not intend to abandon her father in one of her most difficult moments, since her father is her priority.

The expected date of the move of the singer and her family to Miami, United States, would be at the beginning of 2023, but that will depend on William Mebarack being in optimal condition to withstand the plane trip, without putting his health at risk. .

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