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Peace came to their hearts. The news about the separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué continue, but it seems that the differences between them have managed to soften for a good cause. According to the American media Look, the couple would have talked about the problems of their breakup and, in the same way, about the well-being of their children.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué confirmed their estrangement at the end of June and, from there, both occupy covers in different media at an international level. This time, the singer and the soccer player do not star in an altercation, but a possible forgiveness.

The interaction of Shakira and Gerard Piqué

The aforementioned portal assured, in detail, that the link between Shakira and Gerard Piqué would have improved despite the latest events. According to Look, the final custody negotiations for Sasha and Milan lasted 12 hours and in the interim the hidden identity of the couple was revealed.

They also ensured that, upon returning home, Gerard Piqué chose to go with Shakira to talk in the kitchen, while his lawyers planned future agreements in the dining room.

After a high-profile divorce, it was reported that Shakira agreed to have custody of the children in Miami. Photo: composition LR/AFP

The crying of Gerard Piqué

Look says that Gerard Piqué could not bear the pressure that the separation generated and could not accept the fact of distancing himself from his children Sasha and Milán.

“Pique collapsed. Alone, with what had been his wife for 12 years and the mother of his children, he could not bear the pressure and burst into tears. Pique admitted that he did not understand the intransigence of the Latin popstar, but for the sake of his children he said that he was not going to oppose it anymore, ”says the American media.

“Shakira ended up consoling him for a few minutes in which they remained alone and without external interference, with a heartfelt hug,” they concluded.

Gerard Piqué ended his relationship with Shakira in June 2022. Photo: composition LR/Youtube/Shakira/Instagram/Gerard Piqué

Shakira comforts her oldest son after saying goodbye to his baseball team

Through social networks, a short video was viralized in which the maternal warmth that Shakira gives her son Sasha is appreciated. This after the infant said goodbye to his baseball team for moving to Miami.

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Shakira’s confused gesture at her son’s party

During her youngest son’s game, the media caught Shakira making a sign and it was speculated that it would be directed at Gerard Piqué. As can be seen in the video, the interpreter of “January Day” raises her middle finger to the side where the soccer player was.

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Shakira is caught crying in a park in Barcelona

The Colombian singer would not be having a good time because she was caught crying at the end of a phone call. There are those who theorized the possibility that Shakira is sensitive due to her separation from the media with Gerard Piqué, the state of health of her father and her upcoming move to Miami with her children.

“He was wearing a tracksuit and had a bad face and, since he arrived, he spoke English on the phone. Out of the hour and a half, he must have been, well, an hour on the phone,” said an informant from the Spanish program “Sálvame.”

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What requirement does Shakira ask for the babysitter of her children?

Shakira is about to move into her mansion in a luxurious area of ​​Miami with her two children and she wants them to be able to adjust to their new home as soon as possible. However, she is aware of her busy schedule.

For this reason, she is looking for a nanny who can take care of her two heirs and, for this, she has requested a special requirement for her hiring. This consists of her collaborator not having any contact with the press. The remuneration for the position is $2,400.

Shakira needs someone to take care of her children in Miami. Photo: Composition LR/Jimmy Fallon Show/Hello Magazine

Shakira’s “Monotonía” rumbled in the FC Barcelona stadium

Because there was much speculation that Shakira’s song “Monotonía” would be inspired by her breakup with Gerard Piqué, the song soon became a hit on social networks, causing it to be heard in the streets, stadiums and centers commercial.

Such was its reception, that it came to sound through the megaphones outside the Barcelona stadium, a Spanish club that included Gerard Piqué until a few weeks ago.

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Shakira would be worried about her father’s health

The health of Shakira’s father would have been broken again. It was the Semana portal that announced that Mr. William Mebarack spent the night at a medical center to have various tests performed.

As indicated, the Colombian singer was seen picking it up in her vehicle in the company of her brother Tonino. Shakira’s father must remain with his family in these delicate moments.

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