Self-care actions that will help you strengthen self-love

Only you are responsible for feeling and being well, so self-care is essential and manifests itself with actions that strengthen your self-esteem, which I will tell you about today, they are very simple and you can adapt them to your Lifestyle or likes.

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Being alone for at least half an hour

Being alone will not only help you enjoy that time for yourself, away from everything and everyone, it is a moment of reflection that will allow you to order your thoughtsin order to continue advancing in all aspects of your life, so give yourself those minutes.

Go to a place you want to know

With a place that you want to know I do not mean just another country, sometimes we do not take time to see what is around us and we get lost opportunities. You can go to that restaurant that you have passed many times without being able to enter or simply walk to a park that you want to know, everything is valid.

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Propose a plan to someone close

Propose a plan to someone close, talking and being with a person you trust will make you feel better and will always raise your spirits, it is a practice that you should organize with time, since schedules are always complicated, but that is not an excuse.

Write what you appreciate and would change

writing is one of the best therapiesand doing it from the positive and negative, will make you reflect on what you must change, not only on a personal level, but also what surrounds us is extremely important, so analyze everything you consider necessary.

Personal Care Minutes

Spend at least thirty minutes on self-care, such as taking a relaxing shower, putting on a face mask, paint your nails, etc. Everything that contributes to your beauty, remember that looking good is always synonymous with feeling the same way.

Make a list of your pending

Making a list of your pending will allow you organize yourself better and lower your stress levels, since you will be able to plan when and at what time to perform them, in addition to evaluating if you need extra things, or if they only require your time and effort for a few hours.

emotional diary

Make an emotional diary, in this you will capture daily how you feel, even if you do not believe it, it is a way to release that which must come out of you, remember that repressed feelings they affect your physical and mental health, so avoid that at all costs.

Self-care actions that will help you strengthen self-love. Photo: pexels

These are some actions of self careI mentioned the most general ones, although they also fit: prioritize your sleep hours, stay away from toxic people, set limits on your relationships, read to activate your mind, eat healthy and exercise, to name a few.

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