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New today: Season 3 of Deadwind on Netflix

Deadwind (c) Netflix

The Finnish crime series Deadwind continues today as a German premiere on Netflix. In it, Karppi and Nurmi have to deal with an extremely disturbed killer.

This Sunday, May 15th celebrates the third season of the series Deadwind (originally “Karpi“) German premiere on Netflix. The season started in Finland in October 2021, and in 2018 the series premiered on the channel Yle TV2.

This is what Netflix reveals about the third season: After their reconciliation, Karppi (Pihla Viitala) and Nurmi (Lauri Tilkanen) plunge into a case involving an enigmatic symbol, pharmaceutical promises and a deeply disturbed killer.

Other leading roles have Jani Volanen (Bullets) and Tommi Korpela (Bullets).

The screenplay was co-written by director and series creator Rike Jokela with Jari Olavi Rantala and Kirsi Porkka. The series is a co-production of Finnish Dionysos Films and H&V Production.

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