Royal child: Pauline Ducruet, the passionate daughter of Stéphanie of Monaco

When the scandal broke out on the Rock, Pauline Ducruet was only two years old. We are in August 1996. While his parents, Stéphanie de Monaco and Daniel Ducruet, have been spinning perfect love for five years, including a year marked by their marriage, the latter is surprised in full adultery on the Côte d’Azur. The scene takes place in a villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer with a Belgian stripper. And the photographers are obviously present to immortalize the sequence. The amazement is total. Especially since the clichés, banned in France, are published in one of the Italian and Spanish magazines. For the daughter of Prince Rainier III and actress Grace Kelly, that’s too much. The divorce was pronounced in October of the same year. Is it following this stormy episode that their two children, Pauline and Louis Ducruet, will choose to lead a life far from the bustle of Monaco? In any case, the duo will cultivate their discretion over the years.

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Pauline Ducruet, the discreet

Born on May 4, 1994, Pauline Ducruet grew up in the princely tradition but created the difference thanks to her tastes. Like her uncle, Prince Albert of Monaco, the young girl cultivated her love for sport in parallel with her studies at the Prince Albert I high school, located in the principality. And more particularly gymnastics, circus arts and later swimming, like Charlene of Monaco. Passions that she develops away from prying eyes, she who lives in the shadow of her famous cousin, Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi. Just like her half-sister, the discreet Camille Gottlieb, the fruit of the relationship between Princess Stéphanie and Jean Raymond Gottlieb. However, the young girl will be able to create a full place for herself within the princely family, in particular thanks to her desire for emancipation and her pronounced taste in fashion and creation that she imprints on her mother – the fans remember in particular his line of swimwear, the creation of his perfume or better, his emblematic title “Hurricane” during his young years. “I have always been passionate about clothes. I scrolled through my dolls, I decided how I wanted to dress, it was my mode of expression. Of course, I admired my mother in couture dresses on evenings at the Rose or Red Cross balls. She also did not allow herself to be imposed on! In this we are identical, even quite fusional. She transmitted to me this mixture of respect and rebellion, ”confirms Pauline Ducruet, during an interview with ELLE magazine in 2020.

From princely figure to fashion designer

An attraction for ready-to-wear that Grace Kelly’s granddaughter confirms by joining the Istituto Marangoni, a Parisian fashion and design school, for three years and from which she graduated in June 2015. don’t stop there. At the dawn of her twenties, Pauline Ducruet left France to try her luck in New York, where she studied at the renowned Parsons’ School of Fashion. An experience that earned him to regain anonymity but also to mature his professional project: that of creating his own line of clothing on his return. It’s called Alter Designs, it’s unisex and it was born in 2018. “Things were done with a lot of naivety. By instinct. I started designing unisex silhouettes, clothes that went beyond gender,” she says in ELLE. His credo? “Respect, tolerance, freedom of expression and love”, as she states on her website. A year later, it was during Paris Fashion Week, where she was regularly seen, that she presented her very first fashion show. For the event, Stéphanie de Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi, Louis Ducruet or even Camille Gottlieb are installed in the front row to applaud her. From the height of her 25 years, Pauline Ducruet proves that she is not only a princely figure and creates a place of choice in the world of life. His career is definitely launched.

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Now a fashion designer, the sister of Louis Ducruet, aged 28, does not forget her heritage. When she is not attending fashion week in Paris, it is during official events such as the Fight Aids Monaco gala that she reappears, surrounded by her mother, her relatives and her companion Maxime Giaccardi. , a young entrepreneur with whom she has been making perfect love for over a year. In doubt, the fans of the Rock have not finished hearing about her.

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