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Rosangela Espinoza is currently one of the most popular figures on television. Thanks to her participation in “This is war”, she has managed to accumulate a large legion of fans on social networks. Her love life has not been unrelated to the cameras and years ago she starred in a media relationship with Carloncho, a popular radio host.

Their romance lasted for a few months; however, not everything was rosy. In this note we remember how the love affair lived by the popular “selfie girl” was and the reasons that led them to distance themselves.

Rosangela Espinoza y Carloncho. Photo: GLR file

The story of Rosángela Espinoza and Carloncho

The relationship of Rosángela Espinoza and Carloncho was confirmed when both were supported in affectionate attitudes by “Extreme Summer”, a Latina program in which they both participated. Although the space did not last long, both continued to frequent each other.

At that time, the influencer was summoned as one of the participants of “El gran show” and the famous announcer was part of the jury panel in “Yo soy”. Although they worked for different channels, they did not hide their love from the cameras and on more than one occasion they showed off at public events and parties.

Rosangela Espinoza y Carloncho. Photo: Capture America TV

How was your relationship?

Although they were more than publicly united, it was later revealed that the communicator did not agree with the exposure that the model had as a television character.

As it came to light in programs such as Magaly Medina, Carloncho showed macho behavior. He pretended to control Rosángela Espinoza’s cell phone and tried to prevent her from accepting various jobs on television programs, including controlling the clothes he wore.

“He always claimed the hours of rehearsals instead of supporting me. ”, She expressed in a leaked conversation with a member of the production team of“ The big show ”.

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Because they finished?

The reality girl’s relationship culminated after a media incident that generated outrage in entertainment. Carloncho attacked Lucas Piró, thinking that he would have an approach with Rosangela Espinoza because they frequented each other in “El gran show”.

According to a close friend of the social media figure, this was “the straw that broke the camel’s back because he already came out with those attitudes.” This was the reason why the “selfie girl” ended their romance.

Rosangela Espinoza y Carloncho. Photo: Capture America TV

The Argentine dancer then decided to file a complaint against the announcer for assault, showing evidence of his injuries and alleging that he was strapped and even kicked. he said to “The night is mine”.

Rosangela Espinoza y Carloncho. Photo: Capture America

What did Carloncho say about Rosángela that generated his separation from “EBDT”?

At the beginning of 2021, Carloncho was listed as the host of “In everyone’s mouth”. However, an unwise macho comment made during his space on Radio Moda caused him to leave television, comparing Rosángela Espinoza to a “parboiled chicken.”

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